It’s very unbearable. Food for covid patients. Bring the real thing. say miserable Every day budget garden

Very unbearable, ex-coronavirus patient Can’t accept each meal almost no animal shirts Carry the real thing for reporters to see. say miserable Every day budget garden

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On September 4, 2004, at the community ward, Thung Tako District, Chumphon Province, located at Chumphon College of Technology and Agriculture, Village No. 8, Tako Subdistrict, Thung Tako District, Chumphon Province, there were two former COVID-19 patients. Bring food bags for covid patients in community wards to reporters to see. Because the budget is expected to be inconsistent with the quantity and quality of food.

Mr. A (name fictitious) age 36 years old, Thung Tako district, Chumphon province, general worker, and Mr. B (name fictitious), 36 years old, durian gardener Has carried 2 bags of food inside, with food in a small plastic bag. It was found that the first bag consisted of steamed rice and spicy boiled eggs containing only vegetables and three pork belly, the second set consisted of fried rice with sausages, which consisted of three sausages, one mung bean soup, one boiled mung bean and a packet of chili fish sauce.

Both revealed that on August 14, After being diagnosed with coronavirus, he was admitted to Thung Tako Hospital, later on August 17, he was moved to a community ward in Thung Tako District. He was treated for 14 days until he recovered. during treatment in the ward Which includes children, young people, old people, more than a hundred men and women. new opening There were high-ranking people in the province, various parties came to visit. The food received 3 meals a day was in good condition. Some days it’s fried rice with topping.

But only 4-5 days passed, both quality and quantity. The food has changed a lot. In the way that is presented today, almost every day. which is the food of today’s breakfast and lunch that the patient does not eat Until the patient can’t eat and turn to eat dry food with donors instead. There was a lot of food left in each meal. Including the food container is just a thin plastic bag. making sure of food safety instead of box

Many patients are intolerant of such diets. Most of them are steamed rice and boiled eggs. or stir-fried eggs with vegetables Spicy stir-fried with pork crumbs or fried rice with a little pork repeat every day Although the food budget is up to 150 baht per person per day, but the quality and quantity of food is unlikely to reach 60 baht. Because at the moment there are still over a hundred patients in this ward. don’t want fancy food Just ask to change the food type, such as Rad Na, Chicken Rice, which are sold for only 30-40 baht. I was satisfied with each meal.

because when in a place of treatment The staff also do not allow food from outsiders. whether relative If there is, it’s some donated dry food. because outsiders are not allowed to visit due to fear of infection The most sympathetic and pitiful are the children and the elderly who cannot afford to eat the food provided. Until many patients have to share food containing pork or eggs with children and the elderly until the patient has to eat only soup or fish sauce. It is very miserable.

Later, reporters traveled to check out the cooking facility. Use the location inside the palm fruit picking yard. beside the gravel road in the palm yard It does not look like a place to cook food that is hygienic in any way. Despite the budget to provide food using the government’s budget is up to 15,000 baht per day, depending on the number of patients. More than 150 people are sick on some days.

The incident prompted critics among those who heard the story. Who is the organization who prepares food for patients in this ward? therefore tried to inquire to the Chumphon provincial level But since it was a holiday, no one answered the phone. Initially know that There is an agency officer for someone close to the contractor to do it. But there are many levels of cue deduction before reaching the patient, thus creating a food condition that is brought out to be exposed to society.

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