“It’s worth it” The person Lee Hye-young, Lee Sang-min’s ex-wife, wants to kill the most is ‘OOO’

(Left) Lee Sang-min closes his eyes / Daily An (Right) Lee Sang-min and Lee Hye-young’s happy moments / Next

Lee Hye-young and Lee Sang-min, who were called the wedding of the century, did not have a happy married life and stood in court for fraud.

However, there are times when they make the illusion that they are still in love. It seems that very few people are the only ones who read thick pathos that makes them feel nostalgic on their faces.

Lee Sang-min and Lee Hye-young’s first meeting and love story

“At the time, I wasn’t really interested in Sangmin. My friends in the entertainment industry even told me not to date Sang-min because he’s like a playboy.”

Lee Sang-min and Lee Hye-young / Women’s Dong-a

When Lee Sang-min was performing in the United States, he invited Lee Hye-young and his friends to a night club, and started fighting with the men at the next table. When the male opponents harassed Lee Hye-young and her friends, Lee Sang-min started a 1-5 fight.

Lee Hye-young is said to have started seeing Lee Sang-min as a man after this incident. After that, similar incidents happened frequently. At such times, Lee Sang-min appeared out of nowhere and defeated the villains (?) like a ‘rider on a white horse’. Since then, they have developed a relationship from light personal matters to discussing musical matters.

Lee Sang-min’s Leeds / Online

That’s when I decided to consider Lee Sang-min as my life partner. At the time, Lee Sang-min was active as Lula and enjoyed the most popularity, but Lee Hye-young’s house showed a position that he would only allow Lee Hye-young to date if he had at least a high school diploma. Accordingly, Lee Sang-min did not hesitate to start studying and finally passed the Seoul Institute of Arts. Lee Hye-young couldn’t help but be excited by Lee Sang-min.

Married at the end of the opposition, but divorced. An alarming reason for the complaint

Lee Hye-young and Lee Sang-min at the wedding / Women’s Dong-a

Broadcasters Lee Hye-young and Lee Sang-min married in 2004 after dating for about 8 years, but the divorce was announced in 2005, the very next year. At the time, Lee Sang-min indirectly mentioned the reason for the divorce, saying, “Because I was engrossed in business, I neglected my family, and it seems that I approached my wife in a formal way .”

Former couple Lee Sang-min and Lee Hye-young / Sunday Journal Rusa

However, it was revealed that the divorce between the two was not due to a simple personality difference, and that the divorce was caused by Lee Hye-young’s wife Lee Hye-young filing a 2.2 billion won lawsuit against Lee Sang-min.

Lee Hye-young claimed, “At the time of the divorce, Lee Sang-min exploited 2.2 billion won and had to shoot a mobile nude photo shoot, and Lee Sang-min took 300 million out of 500 million, bought a foreign car in the Name of Lee Hye-young, and even her broadcast appearance fees were confiscated.” .

Broadcast Lee Sang-min / Seoul Economic Daily

In response, Lee Sang-min explained, “I have never forced Lee Hye-young. Lee Hee-young gave me 350 million earned for business funds, and since then, I have paid all the installments on a foreign car after the divorce.” He talked about the situation related to the legal case with Lee Hye-young, saying, “The person who invested at the time asked Lee Hye-young, who had a stake in the corporation, to give 1 billion after to win.”

The nudity filming debate re-examined

Lee Hye-young Nude Photobook / Chosun Ilbo
Lee Hye-young Nude Photobook / Chosun Ilbo

In the past, Lee Hye-young signed a contract with STC Entertainment, which hosted the Kwon Min-joong nude project, for a total of 1.5 billion won, including a guarantee of 1 billion won.

At the end of May, he signed a contract with a record company to participate in a nude project with a total production cost of 10 billion won. I had to give up nude photography.

Lee Hye-young looks at her cell phone / Fashion N

In an interview after the ‘naked project that won 10 billion’ ended in fraud, Lee Hye-young was very excited, saying that only her reputation was lost. At that time, what he strongly emphasized was “I will definitely publish ‘Lee Hye-young’s nude book’ even if I invest directly one day.” And within a few days, it became a reality when I signed a contract with STC Entertainment.

However, like the story mentioned above, accusations against Lee Hye-young and Lee Sang-min were rampant, and Lee Hye-young suffered a blow to her image and had to take a hiatus for about 3 years.

In July 2021, on MBN’s ‘Doll Singles’, she admitted, “I didn’t meet anyone for almost 3 years after my divorce. I couldn’t live sanely. I had a really hard time.” Lee Hye-young remarried in Hawaii in 2011 to Bo Ji-hoon, CEO of MBK Partners, who is 1 year older.

Now we laugh and sublimate each other with gags

Tak Jae-hoon in ‘Nopakku Tak Jae-hoon’ / Money Today

Lee Hye-young met Tak Jae-hoon and indirectly mentioned her ex-husband, Lee Sang-min. On the afternoon of the 9th, while the episode ‘Giving Tree, Yuna Ogura’ was uploaded on the YouTube channel ‘Nopakku Tak Jaehun’, a trailer for the next episode was released at the end of the video.

In the trailer released in the video, Tak Jae-hoon met Lee Hye-young and asked, “Do you watch SBS’s ‘Doll Sing For Man’ often?” Lee Hye-young smiled and replied, “I saw it sometimes.” Next, Tak Jae-hoon asked, “Who do you want to kill the most?” and Lee Hye-young showed a thoughtful expression for a while and the video ended.

Tak Jae-hoon asks Lee Hye-young a question on air / Money Today

Tak Jae-hoon seemed to be referring to Lee Hye-young’s ex-husband, Lee Sang-min, among the ‘Doll Sing For Man’ cast members. Attention is focused on how Lee Hye-young will react to this.


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