ITV Lorraine interviewed Khloe Kardashian on an audience

ITV Lorraine interviewed Khloe Kardashian on an audience

Khloe Kardashian was pictured today on ITV Lorraine Kelly today about returning her Revenge Body show with Khloe Kardashian.

BFF and Scott's old sister, Disick.

Scott was also on Lorraine to promote a show – his new program, Flip It Like Disick.

As well as talking about their shows, Khloe talked about being a mother.

The famous correspondent Ross King said: "I haven't seen you since you gave birth to True."

Khloe, who conducted the interview in a location outside the studio, replied: "I was about to make a pop."

She continued: "I love [True] goes as fast as the time. "

The 35-year-old man woke up then: "It's frightening because I'm still 25."

Khloe showed that she is "enjoying life and spending time with him." [her] child. So life is good now. "

Khloe's philosophy added: "It is important not to get caught up with anything that is such a blessing and we have to be present."

Ross said it was "perfectly said" – although the audience was not as sure as it was that Khloe was not in the studio.

One of the Twitter users said: "Stop the name #Lorraine and find out she was on your show … one interview with Ross Ross."

While another continued: "#Lorraine is not just talking to her even what load b ***** ks."

A third said: "Kardashian VT is incoming, totally on Lorraine."

Lorraine goes on weekdays at 8.30 on ITV

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