ITZY’s Lia Takes Temporary Hiatus for Health Reasons

ITZY’s Lia Takes Temporary Break from Activities

By Kim Gyu-bin, Correspondent

Lia, a member of the popular girl group ITZY, will be temporarily suspending her activities, as announced by JYP Entertainment, the agency representing the group.

On the 18th, a statement was posted on ITZY’s official fan page, explaining that Lia has been experiencing extreme tension and anxiety regarding her hectic schedule. To address this, she has sought counseling and medical examination. The medical staff advised that Lia needs stability and treatment to prioritize her health and well-being.

Considering the gravity of the situation and after thoroughly discussing with the other members, it has been decided that Lia will not be participating in any scheduled activities for the time being. Instead, she will be taking a much-needed rest and focusing on her treatment.

In light of this, future group schedules will not involve Lia. Furthermore, the fandom private messaging service known as ‘Bubble’ will be temporarily shut down.

In a heartfelt handwritten letter, Lia expressed her gratitude towards the fandom, known as “MIDZY”. She reflected on the precious six years spent together with the members pursuing their shared dream, emphasizing her appreciation for their support. However, she also acknowledged the toll her relentless schedule was taking on her well-being and recognized the need to prioritize self-love and self-care.

ITZY, the talented girl group, released their 7th mini album ‘KILL MY DOUBT’ in July. Additionally, they are set to release their first Japanese full-length album ‘RINGO’ on the 18th of next month.

ITZY’s Lia Group has photo time before the live broadcast of Cool FM’s ‘Lee Eun-ji’s Song Plaza’ held at the KBS main building in Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul on the afternoon of the 1st. Correspondent Kim Gyu-bin

Lia, a member of the girl group ITZY, will temporarily suspend her activities.

On the 18th, JYP Entertainment, the agency, posted on ITZY’s official fan page, “Currently, Lia is experiencing extreme tension and anxiety regarding the progress of her schedule, so she underwent counseling and examination, and received the opinion of the medical staff that she needs stability and treatment.” “After careful discussion with the members, considering the artist’s health as the main priority, we have decided that Lia will not take part in the schedule that starts today, and that she will rest for the time being and focus on her treatment.”

The agency added, “Lia’s timing to resume activities will be decided after sufficient discussion between Rai and the members.” Accordingly, Lia will not participate in future group schedules. Additionally, the fandom private messaging service ‘Bubble’ will be temporarily shut down.

Lia also wrote in a handwritten letter that day, “I think MIDZY (fandom name) must have surprised me a lot. It’s already been 6 years since we met the members with the same dream and run together. Thank you to our members and our members. CENTRAL that we can come this far.” It was such precious time, but I realized that I was losing myself more and more because I was running. Now, I thought I needed to take some time and love myself first and fill up,” she said.

Meanwhile, ITZY released his 7th mini album ‘KILL MY DOUBT’ in July. Their first Japanese full length album ‘RINGO’ is due to be released on the 18th of next month.

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