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Where will the top tier CP choose to live when traveling abroad? You must be very curious!

IU, the queen of K-POP, and Lee Jong-suk, the male god of Korean dramas, broke off their relationship last year. When they were traveling together in Japan, they were photographed and their relationship was revealed. At that time, Lee Jong Suk and IU flew to Japan on a work trip, and after finishing their work, they went to a high-end resort in Nagoya, Japan, and enjoyed a 3-day, 2-night Christmas vacation.

(Source: Screenshot from YouTube@Mnet TV)


The recent Mnet program “Girls’ Night Out” featured this high-end destination where IU and Lee Jong-suk stayed. The resort is located inside the Ise-Shima National Park, and is the first choice for many celebrities to stay in when they travel to Nagoya, Japan. It is said that IU and Lee Jong Suk chose this place because the hotel guarantees the privacy of the guests in every aspect Not only is there a dedicated pick-up and drop-off service, but even the check-in procedures can be kept confidential. In addition, the entire resort has only 24 rooms, 4 independent villas, and guest rooms, Less people means less traffic, which is why stars are willing to come here, so they can avoid crowds and get better rest.

All rooms at the resort have hot spring facilities, so you can enjoy hot springs without leaving your home. The most powerful thing is that each room also includes a butler 4. If there are guests in wheelchairs, the resort will pave the way between the guest room and the sea overnight to facilitate guest access. If guests want to eat traditional sushi, the hotel will also send helicopters to fly to other cities to bring the freshest ingredients. Naturally, high-end service costs are not low, the price of a suite is reported to be 3 million (KRW, same below) per night, and the price of a detached villa is as high as 5 million.

According to the show “Girls Night Out”, the destination has become very popular since IU and Lee Jong Suk dated here.

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