IU “Farewell to ‘Palette’…I’ll hand it over to the 25-year-old author”

Singer IU announced that she had broken up with ‘Palette’, which she sang at the age of 25.
On the afternoon of the 18th, IU’s solo concert ‘The Golden Hour: Under the Orange Sun’ was held at the Main Olympic Stadium in Jamsil Sports Complex, Songpa-gu, Seoul. This time, IU’s solo concert was held for the first time in about three years since the COVID-19 pandemic. This is the ninth solo concert.

IU graced the stage with opening songs ‘Eight’ and ‘Celebrity’. After taking a breather, IU, who completed the songs ‘Now’, ‘End of the Day’, ‘Your Meaning’ and ‘See you on Friday’, left important words for the fans before singing the next song ‘Palette’.

IU introduced the ‘Palette’, saying, “I wrote and composed the lyrics at the age of 25, and it’s a song I really treasure.” He said, “I’m now in my 30s this year. I’ll hand this song over to the 25-year-old writer.”

He continued, “It was the best time of my life when I sang this song. Somehow, I turned 30 and now I’m facing the moments that were just as good as then . I don’t think I need to hold on to that . this song anymore. It’s going to be a song,” and said he was graduating with ‘Palette’.

Through this performance, IU also set a great record. One of them is that she was the first female singer in Korea to enter the Olympic Main Stadium at Jamsil Sports Complex. It proves the immense power of music and tickets. About 40,000 fans filled the audience to welcome IU’s comeback.

In particular, on this day, it was predicted that they would present a full-time performance to commemorate the 14th anniversary of their first game. It is expected to give the audience unforgettable memories with a special composition that has not been seen before, such as an upgraded stage composition and a rich set list with a wide musical spectrum.

‘The Golden Hour: Under the Orange Sun’ by the unparalleled solo singer IU was held at the Jamsil Main Stadium on the 17th and 18th.

iMBC Seunghoon Baek | Photo courtesy of EDAM Entertainment

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