IU, isn’t driving easy? Attorney Moon-Cheol Han ‘Burruk’

Singer and actress IU showed her sense of entertainment.

On the 1st, IU posted on her personal YouTube channel, ‘Driving… Isn’t it easy?’

IU said, “I got my driver’s license not too long ago. “My hands are sweating,” he said, “I made a corner to share a conversation while driving guests to their destination.”

Han Moon-chul, a lawyer specializing in traffic accidents, was on board. One lawyer said, “I came with a good heart because they invited me as the first guest.” In response, IU said, “I’m an inexperienced driver. Fasten your seat belt and let’s talk as we leave,” he said, heading to Myeonmok-dong, a lawyer’s resort.

In particular, IU almost collided with the car in front of her while having a conversation, and a lawyer said, “The stop is late. We have to keep our distance,” he pointed out.

Later, Han Moon-cheol realized that IU was going to the wrong place because IU misunderstood Myeonmok-dong as Mok-dong. In response, IU said, “I don’t have a face. Not only did he say, “I have to step on it as much as possible” and “I have to do a U-turn,” but he also opened the window and said, “Hey!” Then, a lawyer suddenly got out of a running car and surprised him.

This appears to have been filmed at an indoor training ground, and was a sitcom produced for April Fool’s Day. IU added a laugh by revealing Bung Boongi’s ‘driver’s license’, saying, “I prepared it for April Fool’s Day today.”