IU’s ‘Sculpture Collection’ live clip pre-release, music release today [공식] : Sports Donga

Singer IU pre-released the song ‘Station’ from ‘Sculpture Collection’.

On the 28th, EDAM Entertainment, the agency, pre-released the live clip of the song ‘Station’ from the ‘Sculpture Collection’ through its YouTube channel, and it drew a lot of attention.

In the released video, IU appeared in the center of a dark stage illuminated by pin lights, playing the pre-released song ‘Stop’ directly on the guitar, and showed perfect harmony with the cello-added bandset. In addition, in line with the lyrical melody, she showed off her delicate vocals, leaving a deep impression on the listeners.

‘Stop’, which was released this time, is a song with a calm melody and IU’s unique vague sensibility, and contains the content of missing someone. In particular, this song is known as one of IU’s unreleased self-composed songs, raising the expectations of fans who have been waiting for the official soundtrack release.

While IU has been attracting attention for her artwork and special teaser that can give a preview of the atmosphere of ‘Sculpture’, as she pre-released the live clip of ‘Station Station’, which is about to be released today, what kind of music is included in ‘Sculpture’? The question is growing even more.

IU’s ‘Sculpture Collection’ is the first song released in about two months since the digital single ‘Strawberry Moon’ in October. IU, who has been running without a break since releasing a number of albums this year, is going to convey her greetings about the end of her 20s through ‘Sculpture Collection’, so interest is hotter than ever.

Meanwhile, IU’s ‘Sculpture Collection’ can be found on each online music site at 6 pm on the 29th.

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