‘I’ve’ Ahn Yu-jin’s stage costume, why are you arguing?

A debate is taking place over the stage costumes of the rookie group ‘Ive’ Ahn Yu-jin.

MBC ‘Show! In ‘Music Core’, the debut stage of the rookie group ‘IV’, which includes Wonyoung Jang and Yujin Ahn from the group ‘IZone’, was held.

However, after the broadcast, netizens pointed out the stage costume Ahn Yu-jin wore.

On this day, Ahn Yu-jin matched a black tee that was attached to the body and a short skirt. The problematic part was the outfit layered over the black tee. It looked like a bustier layered look worn with a T-shirt, but pointed out that it looked like women’s underwear because of the wire hooks on the outside. Netizens said, “I thought it was underwear because there was a wire”, “I don’t know why I wore this outfit”, “I don’t know why I wore this outfit on stage.” It doesn’t fit the concept at all,” he criticized. On the other hand, there were also people who defended it, saying, “Isn’t stage costume different from everyday wear?” and “It is common to wear stage costumes like that.”

On the other hand, Ive released the first single album ‘ELEVEN’ on the 1st.


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