I’ve come a long way, I can’t even remember! “Air Pantila” has opened all the shells, where has it been made? – Post Today, entertainment news

I’ve come a long way, I can’t even remember! “Air Pantila” has opened all the shells. Where have you made your face?

Date 27 Jan 2022 time 15:57

“Air Phantila” tells all the surgery, where is it? Clear comparison, Before-After has come a long way!

Open all about cosmetic surgery For the beautiful bride, “Air Pantila”, most recently she has come out to reveal completely through the list. Oh…air itself on YouTube channel ZENSE Entertainment with the episode “EP.9 What surgery did Air conditioner do? This page is millions!!”

which she said This page is gone for a million. There has been a lot of trial and error. She said that in the past, everyone had to get Botox and filler injections. which we fill the nose Botox injections all over the face Because with the belief that the higher the nose, the more beautiful it will feel, so I keep spraying it.

Until the doctor said that if you want a smaller face, you need a nose. Remove the filler on the nose. because we solved the wrong problem I had the doctor remove the nose filler and spin it to shoot instead. As for the face frame, fillers were injected because the doctor said that if we wanted a smaller face, we had to bulge in the right spot. which it looks really small, looks smoother

Which the doctor also said that if you want to do it, do a nose job. But the air conditioner doesn’t dare So I left my nose. She has been taking care of the facial structure all the time, with the girl “Air” confirming that her nose hasn’t had any plastic surgery. Dare to twist the show.

The first thing that I started doing surgery was bags under my eyes. This one flew directly to South Korea. with fat injections on the face At that time, the price was around 2-4 hundred thousand, including airfare, not more than this. I felt very happy at that time and it was done well.

The second surgery was an eye surgery because there was a problem with unequal eyes which made me not confident. plus the muscles of the other eye are not strong but only do one side But very little that the doctor will do because he is afraid to do it out and not equal. because we don’t want to change much but want it to be equal I want to be a Muay as usual

and when asked if there will be anything else to do Well, now I feel very satisfied with my face, beautiful like me. I don’t know if it’s suitable for me. For example, eyes, I really like the eyes of “Mai Davika”, but I think it will suit us or not. Until the point that I want to bring the picture to the doctor and tell want a face like this But come to think of it, it might not be suitable for myself. Made it out, it might not be us.

Just today, everyone is saying that the changing face is going to be bad. So I want to keep some of the original pages. because we think we are beautiful And we can’t keep up with trends all the time. That’s why we love fillers, botox, lasers more.

For all expenses related to facial surgery Air has summarized briefly as follows.

– Filler injection and fat injection about 300,000 baht

– Remove bags under the eyes and make a single eyelid 100,000 baht

– Filler Botox on the nose 50,000 – 100,000 baht

– Fillers on the cheeks, cheeks, around 100,000 baht.

– Lip filler 100,000 baht

– All teeth braces 3 rounds, about 200,000 baht



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