I’ve never seen Kim Jun-ho’s son’s face 10 times… I became more human, Shoodol

‘Shodol’ / photo credit=KBS

Swordsman F4 Koo Bon-gil and Oh Sang-wook meet Kim Jun-ho’s son Eun-woo and spend a spectacular day.

Episode 448 of the KBS2 entertainment show ‘The Return of Superman’ (hereafter ‘Shodol’), broadcast on the 23rd, will be decorated with the side of ‘My Day Changed After Meeting You’. Swordsman Kim Jun-ho and his 11-month-old son Eun-woo are appearing for the second time in ‘Shodol’. Kim Jun-ho, an active player, met Eun-woo less than 10 times in 10 months, causing laughter between Eun-woo and the awkward rich man in the last broadcast. It raises the question of whether the rookie father Kim Jun-ho and the innocent Eun-woo have become closer.

Goo Bon-gil, who met Jun-ho Kim and Eun-woo, said, “Jun-ho became a father and became much worse. It made our Eunwoo Junho a person,” he said, revealing his best friend. Next, Goo Bon-gil said, “When I went to Egypt for a competition, I kept watching Eun-woo’s videos under the blankets.”

Kim Jun-ho vented his regret that he could only see Eun-woo once a month because of his playing career. It is a backdoor that Kim Jun-ho’s passionate love, a new father in his 20s, is full of enthusiasm, passed on, raising expectations about how deep and rich the relationship between Kim Jun-ho and Eun-woo will be. in the future.

In the stills that followed, F4 fencing challenges ‘Eunwoo Pick’s Gold Medal’. His father, Jun-ho Kim, Bon-gil Koo, and Sang-wook Oh, held an aegyo parade to capture Eun-woo’s heart. In front of the innocent Eun-woo, who disarms anyone, the uncles throw away their serious expressions and are busy trying to get Eun-woo to choose. Among the father Kim Jun-ho, whom he sees occasionally because of his career as a player, and his uncles Koo Bon-gil and Oh Sang-wook with sweets, the question is whether Eun-woo will convey his heart to his father, Kim Jun-ho.

‘The Return of Superman’ is broadcast every Friday at 10pm.

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