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Although the YouTube Premium membership price is not very expensive, but you have to pay monthly, there is no one-time purchase plan, some people may not like it, or find it a burden. If you don’t have a budget yet, but you want ad-free download features, this article recommends a very good INVIDIOUS alternative site. This site is a synchronized version of YouTube. In short, you can find all YouTube videos. The difference is that INVIDIOUS has no ads, and also has a download function (video, music), and even the mobile version supports background playback.

IVIDIOUS is an ad-free downloadable alternative to YouTube


INVIDIOUS is an open source website. There are many avatars. You can click me to see all the lists, and the one I am attaching is the network speed is relatively fast, and some are very slow. After entering the INVIIDIOUS website, the home page will show the current popular videos, you can enter the video or YouTube channel name you are looking for in the search function above. In addition, this website can also be used in China. The representative said that if you want to watch YouTube videos and don’t want to go over the wall, you can use this website instead. Basically, videos are be updated synchronously. YouTube has some, and here they are:

As I discovered a well-known tech YouTuber, MKBHD has a channel, and the latest video is AirPods Pro Review this one:

Just like the YouTube channel:

After entering the inner page, you can start watching without any ads, and the download function is located at the bottom left:

The playback interface also has some functions, such as setting subtitles, video speed, etc.:

Videos and music can be downloaded, and only MP4 and WEBM are provided for videos and music, so if you want MP3 music, you need to use other conversion tools to convert. The highest resolution of videos with sound is only 720p, which is a shame. If you want to get a higher picture quality, you must use software that combines files, such as downloading 2160p videos and pure sound, and then combining them by hand. Press the button below to start the download:

Also supports downloading subtitles:

I tested the mobile browser and decided that it can play in the background:

In addition, this website also supports the function of member registration, just fill in the user ID and password, no need Email:

The advantage of joining is that you can subscribe to your favorite channels, just like a YouTube member:

You can also browse subscription channels for new video uploads:

There are also historical viewing records. Don’t be afraid to forget the name of the movie you watched before. It is highly recommended that friends who like this site sign up. Anyway, you don’t need any private information:

There are also some player options that can be customized, such as: whether to enable loopback playback, automatic playback, optional video quality, default subtitles, language, content country, player mode, background theme, etc.:

However, this site doesn’t seem to recommend videos based on your usage habits, and the download speed is a bit slower.

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