Ivy: “The thief broke a car window and stole my sneakers” [인스타]

Ivy, who is currently working as a musical actress, reported a car theft.
iMBC entertainment news photoiMBC entertainment news photo
On the 21st, Ivy posted on her Instagram what she experienced while traveling in the United States, saying, “It’s a memorable trip to the United States.”

Ivy said, “-I was leaving the hotel and I picked up a nine piece $20 chair (no one was around), -Most memorable food, -Meeting Jared Leto, my favorite actor (Like Jesus, I think it’s like me a little too) ), -Spatted in New York and accepted in Cairo, -A thief in a public parking lot on the first day of LA broke a window and stole sneakers Wear sneakers and get athlete’s foot It’s not America as developed as the developed country… Thieves, homeless, Drug addicts common on the street ㅠㅠ Long live our country. his food, a picture of himself with Jared Leto, and a picture of a stolen vehicle .

The picture of the vehicle with the left rear window completely broken was bloody. Ivy’s acquaintances and netizens said, “You said you took the sneaker? It’s a success” “It’s true that you break the car door” “In the United States, a new type of crime that temporarily paralyze the body if you pick it up. your hand is rampant. Don’t.” “In the United States, you must not leave bags or items in a place that is visible from the car window.” He is surprised by Ivy’s situation by leaving comments like, or leaving advice.

Meanwhile, Ivy, who debuted as a singer in 2005, has her signature song ‘Sonata of Temptation’ and has been working as a musical actress since 2012.

Kim Kyung-hee / Ivy Instagram photo source

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