izzas-wish-was-granted-tovino-invited-his-daughters-favorite-star | Tovino fulfills Issa’s wish by putting his daughter’s favorite in front of him


Tovino’s daughter Issa is familiar to fans. Earlier, the video of Issa showing off in public was taken by the audience. Tovino has now shown Issa’s favorite actor live. After the superstar Tovino, Issa’s favorite actor is Amal Rajdev from the serial ‘Chakkappazham’. Isa is a big fan of chewing gum. Amal Rajdev himself shared the joy of seeing Issa.

Amal Rajdev plays the central character Kunjunni. He shared the experience of seeing Tovino’s daughter in person in a post he shared on his social media page. The actress says in the note that if Issa likes her more, her son adores Tovino.

As per the note,

‘This is the age of the new generation …… sometimes people like me don’t understand anything. There was a moment when Tovino and I said, “My baby is a hero and a jackfruit is a hero” and hey, hey, not that my Agusan’s biggest hero is his tovioncle. That mind that accepts the greatest desire …. Only when I experience it directly will I realize …. As soon as I saw her, I could read her daughter’s so excited eyes in that baby’s eyes. .


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