J-Hope, the first guest of the talk show Crush “I was shocked when I heard the new song for the first time … my heart raced”

“I’ll follow Crush hyung straight ahead”
Singer Crush and BTS j-hope shared a collaboration behind the scenes.

On the 24th, Crush released the first episode of the new concept drive talk show ‘BLACKVOX’ through the official YouTube channel. The first guest on the talk show was BTS’s J-Hope.

Crush welcomed J-Hope and asked the reason for the new song ‘Rush Hour’ together. To this, J-Hope replied, “As soon as I got the call from hyung, my heart raced.

When Crush expressed his gratitude, “J-Hope showed as much energy and passion as I did even though he works as a featured artist,” J-Hope said, “I think you need to be sincere and polite . I worked harder. I usually like an artist called Crush,” he added, making it feel professional.

In particular, Crush admired J-Hope, who took part in rapping following the content, saying, “I didn’t know you could write lyrics so well.” J-Hope said, “I moved a lot.

The music video story was not left out. Crush said, “I practiced the chorus choreography for 2-3 weeks, and J-Hope took less than 30 minutes. It was creepy. Being able to collaborate is meaningful. It was really good.”

Finally, we held our own ‘Rush Hour’ listening session and enjoyed the drive. The two gave an impromptu live performance to the song, raising the audience’s excitement. Finally, Crush said, “I will show more great activities and music,” and J-Hope gave generous support, saying, “God Hyo-seop.”

In addition, Crush was the first to show the live stage of ‘Oasis’ and the new song ‘Rush Hour’ in JTBC’s new music program ‘Music Universe K-909’, which first aired on the same day, and got hot He showed his witty sense of humor and entertainment without any regrets.

Crush released a new song ‘Rush Hour’ from the funk genre on the 22nd, and at the same time, it topped the Bugs realtime chart and topped the main domestic music charts. On the iTunes Top Songs chart, it took first in 41 regions and in the top 10 in a total of 68 regions, instantly filling a two-year gap.

On the other hand, Crush will appear as a special MC on SBS ‘My Little Old Boy (Miu Bird)’, which airs at 9:05pm on the 25th.

Baek A-young / YouTube screen capture

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