J-Hope’s BTS crush and new song together for an impromptu stage (‘Miu Bird’)

[마이데일리 = 명희숙 기자] Singer Crush started promoting a new song.

Crush was a guest on SBS ‘My Little Old Boy’ (hereafter referred to as Miu Bird), which aired on the 25th.

Shin Dong-yup introduced Crush as “love in the ear drum.” Crush immediately presented a sweet song to mothers. However, when his neck was not going well, he showed a nervous look saying, “I made my first appearance on a variety show after being discharged from the army.”

In addition, Crush announced that they would be releasing a new song ‘Rush Hour’ and attracted attention by saying, “We will be together with BTS J-Hope on a new song.” In addition, the stage for the new song ‘Rush Hour’ was also briefly introduced, raising expectations.

[사진 = SBS 방송캡처]

By Myung Hee-sook, staff reporter [email protected]

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