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“Ja Nongphanee” suggests that no one can help us well. as we help ourselves

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Oneself is a refuge for oneself. Always helping others, but in times of trouble, no one gives a helping hand. In the end, no one can help us well. as we help ourselves

It can be said that it is true that the descent will resonate with many people, not least. For the latest message on the singer’s Facebook page, Sai Saab “Ja Nongphanee Mahathai” That she posted a few hours ago today (12 Sep 2021).

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by this work “Ja Nongphanee” has revealed a message that invites you to think about “Ask someone else’s help. but never helped anyone Do you think I can get help?……

This era is the era where the results are evident that in the era of comfort and convenience, we never thought of helping anyone. When arriving in the famine era We will know for ourselves that, hmmm, it’s our fault that we never reached out to help anyone.

Who has always helped no matter when But when we are in trouble Again, no one offered a helping hand. Don’t be discouraged, don’t get angry, forgive him. Then our life will find a good way. “In the end, no one can help us well. as if we were helping ourselves.”

which after the singer has already revealed the message There were also many fans who commented on their approval and were greatly admired, such as “Congratulations and love the most positive thoughts”, “Mostly true sister”, “Very true”, “I actually met you”, “Really, I just met you”, “Help as much as you can. Help and we ourselves must not be difficult. If you help and we are in trouble, don’t help!!”, “You are your own refuge. This word is always applicable”, “Really mom, don’t get your hopes up for other people”, “Really, in the end, you have to live. With my own legs”, “Follow me all the time. I like and appreciate you. You speak well and understand people who are difficult. I will follow you forever”, “It’s true, sister. no matter what help anyone In the end, we have to help ourselves in times of trouble.” etc.

Thank you Instagram : jaja_nongpanee

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