Jack, my boyfriend, is dating a younger sister, 7 years apart. The lustful image does not affect the relationship.

Most recently, Jack attended the launch of Lambretta, a luxury Italian brand scooter at Paragon Park, Siam Paragon Shopping Centre. and opened up for the first time about love with the media to the first appearance of a love outside the industry who has been in a relationship for more than a year

Play a young man in love?

Yes, we intend and want to do what we feel as we intended.

How do you plan?

I plan to post a picture with his brother. We feel that the time has come And I have already reviewed that it is definitely yes, because in fact, I have not posted any photos in the past. Because he was afraid of regret like in the past, he decided to give it a try. And close to the new year too I felt it was a good present.

Does that mean you’re afraid you’ll regret it?

is to compare if we don’t feel sorry It’s not about the past. Means comparing not wanting to be sad.

Show that you are confident with this person?

I’m sure everyone is (laughs).

How long ago did you decide to post a photo?

Been together for a year It’s like searching for sure.

What makes us confident?

his sister’s affection His sister is cute, patient, sincere, cute for who she is. and is the person we live with and smile

Before going down, have you told him?

I didn’t say it and I posted the picture before. and he said no This picture is not beautiful Female style, so I deleted it for him. But we understand why women you should choose a picture and then he chose a beautiful picture that we traveled together

Is it a surprise, do we post a picture?

He seems happy about what we do with our hearts. And don’t create or fake images.

Is it to tell the youngest that we are serious too?

In fact, let me tell you that there is good and bad in this industry. as if she did something bad There will be a downside to being loved. Celebrities are people too. I have no more privileges than anyone. Teach him to be nice to those who come to follow us. Try not to get bad news or anything bad.

Shows that he is quite concerned about his younger siblings?

In fact, we may be the older elders. I have experience so I can tell him. He’s still young, I tell you.

How many years apart?

7 years old I’m getting old I’m 33-34 already.

Do you like children this time?

(laughs) Cute.

When talking about his younger brother, do his eyes sparkle?

I like it, it never lets us down. So I felt grateful that she put up with us.

Jack, my boyfriend, is dating a younger sister, 7 years apart. The lustful image does not affect the relationship.

1 year ago time to go anywhere Or someone came Will meet until I get used to it?

When he sees us in the water on the list He can distinguish between that work. which we did not run away from anything We are professionals (smile). After the break, we separate.

Are you jealous?

No, he can understand that we are working.

How can you make him trust you?

Report and tell him the filming is over. Or maybe it goes too.

This report is made by me. Or did he ask us to say?

We do it to trust that we have our own reasons. Because we have to work to earn money to support our parents. We don’t have that kind of money yet.

Do you need to reduce the pain, like Nikki?

Nikki is already cute. Nikki takes care of Little Koi. In the past, we always watched our friends and younger siblings. This couple is a perfect match. Cute. The precepts are equal. Nikki has some demands. And we are friends.

So look at it as an example, right?

Nikki doesn’t get into the tub as much as I do (laughs) Soak in the water, but I reduce the pain. Respect women is also described as a job But he cares a lot about his feelings. If he understands, thank him very much.

Have you ever asked your sister if you are ok with our list?

It’s right, it’s been there since the beginning. And if it’s not right, we might be brothers.

When it was launched, did the perspective of love change?

I’m older, I’m not much If yes, yes, it’s ok, I’d better work to support my parents first pretty with better brothers and sisters in the industry

Use every day to be happy?

Yes, and tell him If you are sincere with us in the long future She will be a very lucky woman. We will take care of it.

Have you made plans for the future?

Look, I’m not that unwise (laughs) Maybe my look is like that, it’s a job. What is this madness?

But I will tell adults that I can’t choose casting. I also want to work as good people do. but this is how my view is But if I understand the intention, I will wait to see. When we bring someone on the show, we want them to look sexy, cute, and well-intentioned, not like horny.

Jack, my boyfriend, is dating a younger sister, 7 years apart. The lustful image does not affect the relationship.
Jack, my boyfriend, is dating a younger sister, 7 years apart. The lustful image does not affect the relationship.

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