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“Jack Saraburi” overturns “Man Nakhon Pathom wins the title of True True Phuket

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“Jack Saraburi” Dechawat Phumjaeng, former world amateur champion, 53rd year, performs the best slap song, “Man Nakhon Pathom” Thanawat Thiraphongpaiboon junior snooker Go in a thrilling 4-2 frame, winning the Thai professional snooker championship “Eminent Air-True Phuket Cup” to win the prize money of 2 hundred thousand baht, while the runner-up Man Nakhon Pathom receives 80,000 baht by “Jack ” Revealing that he has never touched the championship for 7 years, will continue to fight to do his best work

Professional snooker competition, collecting points, Thailand or Thailand Ranking Circuit 2021, final round, item 3 “Eminent Air-True Phuket Cup”, winning a total of 1.3 million baht at Slie Hotel F with Me at Patong, Phuket Province on October 30th. It was the last day of the competition with Pol Lt. Gen. Amphol Buarabphon, Commander-in-Chief of Provincial Police Region 8, along with Mr. Pichet Panaphong, Deputy Governor of Phuket. co-chaired the award In which the competition in the finals, 4 in 7 frames, is a meeting between “Man Nakhon Pathom” Thanawat. Thiraphongpaiboon, Thailand’s 5th hand snooker, former world youth champion in 2011, duels with “Jack Saraburi” Dechawat Phumjaeng, former world amateur 53 champion.

By opening the first frame, Jack made a good start, slapped the first stick, 44 points, the man called the score back, got 2 sticks, chasing them 27-44, but came to miss for Jack Saraburi to slap the last 2 sets of red, ready to collect colors Down the table, won 76-27, came to the second frame, entered the second frame, man, hot engine, issued only 3 heavy weapons, comfortable win 64-0, chasing draw 1-1, frame three, came on, both of them took turns slapping each stick before Man will not miss the red slap, sending Jack to break 8 sets of 54 points, win 73-18, take the lead again 2-1 in the frame

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Fourth frame, open, Jack, fouls 2 times until the referee must warn if the third foul Will lose this frame immediately, causing Jack to stab white into the red group. which the red fluke down But couldn’t continue the break, then Jack slapped another stick before missing, allowing Man Nakhon Pathom to stab a single stick, 53 points, leading 63-15, scoring 2, snooker Jack slapping red-black and putting snook Got 1 time, but missed. Man puts fun and doesn’t get stabbed until he has to give up. Let Man always follow 2-2 frames. Arrived in the frame. Five Man slapped the first stick, red-pink, 2 sets and 1 red, but at Fae Rue Jack chased 3 sticks, won 75-15 deficiently, took the podium 3-2 in the frame.

Arrived in the sixth frame, the game of Man Nakhon Pathom, unable to squeeze the game for Jack to lose rhythm, poor game planning, plus a missed slap, causing Jack Saraburi to issue heavy weapons 2 times, able to slap off the game, win comfortably 68-19 End of the game Decha Wat Phumjaeng was able to win 4-2 frames (76-27, 0-64, 73-18, 27-67, 75-15, 68-19) to win the 3rd title to win the prize money of 200,000 baht, the secondary part. Champion Man receives a prize money of 80,000 baht and the highest break award, making 114 points, including “small wearing a hat” Pannathorn Suksamran, receiving 20,000 baht.

“Jack Saraburi” said that he was very happy to be able to come back to win the championship again in 7 years, which he had won in 2014 after stopping playing for 5 years before coming to compete 2 years ago by this program. They do a good job They intend to practice a lot and concentrate on the game a lot. Winning this championship gives them the encouragement to intend to do a good job in the next list.

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