Jack Thanaphon Responds with Love After Ja Nongphanee Announces Breakup

“Jack Thanaphon” makes a move following his partner’s announcement

Yesterday, amidst a wave of speculation, “Ja Nongpanee” took to Facebook to address his break from the popular duo, expressing that the decision was reached amicably. Their separation, according to Nongpanee, stems from a longstanding issue they have been attempting to resolve over the course of their seven-year relationship. He was quick to clarify that no third party was involved in their split, providing solace to their ardent supporters.

Shortly after Nongpanee’s heartfelt statement, “Jack Thanaphon” also used his social media platform to share a concise yet poignant message. He simply wrote, “I love you always.” This small gesture of affection stirred a multitude of supportive responses from netizens, who empathized with the couple’s ordeal.

Despite parting ways romantically, Nongpanee emphasized that their friendship remains intact, and they will continue to collaborate in their professional endeavors. The duo’s businesses will not be affected, with the same manager overseeing their pursuits.

Nongpanee concluded his statement by expressing gratitude towards their loyal fans and extending appreciation to Jack for the unwavering support they have received throughout their journey together. The couple’s admirers can find solace in knowing that their relationship concluded on amicable terms.

“Jack Thanaphon” has made a move after “Ja Nongpanee” posted an announcement about his break and explained the reason as a problem they have been trying to reconcile for 7 years, confirming that there is no third party issue.

Last night (October 2) “Ja Nongphanee” posted on Facebook that

“I would like to let you know in my area. Ja and Jac We agreed to break up. Our current status is that we are good brothers. Let’s support each other. Businesses that are done together are still done together. The manager still uses the same person. I want people around me, adults, friends, siblings, and fans to be comfortable knowing that we ended up together on good terms!!!

“Reason for breaking up this time It’s an issue we’ve been trying to reconcile over the 7 years we’ve been together (there’s no third party). Finally, I would like to thank you and Jack for all the encouragement that everyone has always supported our couple.”

After “Ja Nongphanee” posted on Facebook, “Jack Thanaphon” later posted a short message on Facebook saying: “I love you always” At this event, netizens flocked to give overwhelming comments of support.

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