Jackie Chan sends blessings at the premiere of the movie “Polar Pursuit”

Jackie Chan sends blessings at the premiere of the movie “Polar Pursuit”

2022-01-17 14:42:28Source: International Online

International Online News: On January 16th, the premiere of the online movie “Polar Pursuit” was held in Beijing. Director Han Guanhua, producer Yan Ziling, actors Li Zhiting, Yang Kaicheng, Lin Xiaozhai, Ala Lei, etc. attended the event and shared the filming stage with the audience. The story behind the scenes.

“Polar Pursuit” combines the story structure of the battle royale with the smooth and neat action scenes and the visual experience that shocks the senses, bringing the audience a refreshing viewing experience. At the premiere, Jackie Chan presented a surprise VCR, expressing his expectations for Chinese action filmmakers in the video, “The future of Chinese action films depends on you!”

In this regard, Han Guanhua, a film director who was born in a married class, said: “I know very well that Jackie Chan hopes that the spirit of Chinese action films will be passed on, and has been leading us to contribute to Chinese action films and make Chinese action films have a better development. “

From the director from the married class to the cast of the theater team, the audience has more expectations for the film, and the audience’s word-of-mouth feedback after the screening has once again verified the quality of “Polar Pursuit”. Tang Jili praised the film’s creative team at the premiere: “The director jumped out of the safety zone and made a new attempt.” “This movie really completely exceeded my expectations, and it did not lose any theatrical movies at all.” Director Zhang Disha recalled the horror special effects in the film after watching the movie. “Now when I think of that monster, he is still scared. to mine.”

“Polar Pursuit” sets the background in an overhead cyber city, a cramped survival game, bloodthirsty monsters that don’t know where to appear, or dead men in black, making the audience “dare not to breathe” while watching “, completely forgetting that this is an online movie.

When the audience asked why the actors wanted to join such a “bitter” movie, everyone talked about their own set stories. The starring Lin Xiaozhai shared his first filming experience, “I really learned a lot in the group and experienced a lot of things I haven’t tried before. Even if it’s an action scene, it’s well protected by everyone.” Many main creators said that although it was “bitter”, it was cool, and they were both happy and excited to be able to complete such a fight.

In addition, Li Zhiting and “daughter” Alalei also staged a loving interaction at the premiere. Not only did they “confess” each other sweetly, but Li Zhiting squatted with his back and showed his “father” power.

It is reported that the movie “Polar Pursuit” will be broadcast exclusively on Tencent Video on the first day of the Chinese New Year in 2022.




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