‘Jackpot’ won 1.9 trillion lottery winner, two co-owners receive cash together

A customer looks at the lottery ticket at a gas station in Illinois, USA, where the lottery jackpot worth 1.9 trillion was won in July. AP/Yonhap News

The protagonist of the $1.337 billion ‘jackpot’ (about 1.9 trillion won), which attracted great attention as the third largest jackpot in US lottery history, appeared 53 days after winning and finding the cash.

According to lottery authorities on the 21st (local time), two joint owners of a $1.337 billion Mega Millions 1st prize lottery ticket paid on July 29 visited the Illinois State Lottery to receive the prize. Lottery officials said shortly after the lottery that the winning lottery tickets were sold at a convenience store inside a gas station in Des Plains, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago.

The Illinois State Lottery said, “The co-owner of the winning lottery ticket purchased the lottery ticket in July when the jackpot was closed and the winnings were split.” The two people came together to claim the prize. They chose the cash lump sum payment method and received $780.5 million (about 1.9 trillion won). The Lottery said $500,000 (about 700 million won) was also paid to a speedway gas station in Death Plains, where the lucky lottery tickets were sold.

Illinois Lottery Commissioner Harold Mays said, “The two have been discussing the claim process and management issues with legal and financial experts for several weeks from the moment their winnings were confirmed until recently.” The lottery said the winners were very pleased, although “it is not possible to reveal the identity of the winners because they have chosen to remain anonymous.” According to local media reports, in at least 16 states, including Illinois, the name of the lottery’s first prize winner is kept anonymous.

In the Mega Millions lottery, you have to guess all 6 numbers, including 5 winning numbers and 1 Mega Ball bonus number, to win the first prize, and the chances are only 1 in 325 million of winning. The lottery is sold in 45 states, Washington, DC and Virginia. According to the Associated Press, the winning lottery number 13-36-45-57-67 and Mega Ball bonus number 14 is the third largest in US lottery history and the second largest in Mega Millions history. In this lottery, since April 15th, the prize money has snowballed because there has not been a first place winner 29 times in a row.

Reporter Park Se-young

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