“Jackson Wang” boiling concert including drama, do not bring in Agabong

near Just a few hours from now, it will be time. JACKSON WANG MAGIC MAN WORLD TOUR CONCERT 2022 which will be held on 25 – 27 November 2022 and since the announcement of the event All concert tickets were sold out immediately. It can be said that this is the first solo world tour concert and Bangkok is the first place to organize this concert before “Jackson Wang” (Jackson Wang), a famous singer the band members GOT7 or in Thai ahgase (the name of the fan club Got7) demand “Brother Jack” Or “Hia” will go on a world tour in other countries.

but still unable to reach the actual date Return to the current play When the organizer of the first solo concert of “Jackson Wang” (Jackson Wang) Announcement prohibiting entry GOT7 light stick or in Ahgase is called Agabon entering the concert In this event, all the symptoms arose to ask for answers. Recently, the organizer has published through the page. VIJAY CORP. that “This concert will be handing out specially made finger lights for P’Jack’s first solo world tour concert to all visitors. To be used together and raise the light at the same time at the event Therefore, please do not bring other light sticks to the event. Come and impress P’Jack using the finger light P’Jack planned to make a special order for the fans together. Everyone will receive a fingerprint after scanning their tickets to the event.”

even with a fire stick instead But the drama still doesn’t end. some understand because in part “Jackson Wang” come on behalf of Team Wang did not come on behalf of GOT7 Full body including finger light distribution can be part of the show. anyway Some still disagree. and disappointed with the actions of the organizers

Agabon What is ? That’s the name of the light stick. GOT7 and a sneaky symbol of GOT7 Like the heart of GOT7 and Ahgase, when the stick is turned on, the light stick is green. show love and support standing next to each other

Photo from GOT7 page

In addition to the drama, there is the story that the organizer forbids bringing light sticks or Agabon go in a concert And then there are many other issues that cause criticism before the day of the event, for example, about the organizers opening to buy more tickets even though it is close to the day of the event. and standing tickets without running a queue Until causing fans to worry about the rights for people who buy more expensive tickets Including ATK checks that do not have on site inspections, etc.

"jackson hope" (Jackson Wang)

"jackson hope" (Jackson Wang)

"jackson hope" (Jackson Wang)

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