Jackson Wang posted a touching message to the Thai people “Thank you for always welcoming me well” | Sanook Music

Jackson Wang or Brother Jack from Thai fans, post a touching message to the Thai fans who attended the concert JACKSON WANG’S MAGIC MAN WORLD TOUR 2022 BANGKOK into personal twitter after the main account posted photos of the atmosphere at the concert in Thailand on 25-27 November 2022

Jack’s message says


Thank you for receiving well every time.

and he also came to see my first solo concert

Every time we meet, I am grateful, overwhelmed with a very happy feeling. to meet everyone

I hope you can feel the difference between my concert and everyone’s thoughts.

The idea of ​​having more self-confidence.”

After posting this message, Thai and foreign fans flocked to comment on Jack, such as

“They (Thai fans) are very lucky to see your solo concert for the first time.”

“The successful life of an artist is like my pride.”

“You deserve to be loved. And we are very proud of you.”

Thank you for loving Thai fans and Thai fans love you very much too.

“Thank you for giving us positive energy. And thank you for choosing Thailand as the first place. It means a lot to us.”

“I love you Jack and I will follow my dreams. Thank you for being another happy part of my life.”

Jackson Wang will begin a concert tour. JACKSON WANG MAN MAGIC WORLD TOUR 2022 continue in Malaysia on December 17 and in Singapore on December 23 before continuing the same concert tour in 2023 starting in England on December 12, France on January 15 and Dubai, 4 February.

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