Jackson's Lamar Landing Run: better than Michael Vick's?

Jackson's Lamar Landing Run: better than Michael Vick's?
Lamar Jackson with cool sunglasses on.

Lamar Jackson on Saturday Sunday.

Silas Walker / Getty Images

Here is a small trial to see if a football player is quite a big sight to watch as the appointment looks: Close your eyes and put up 18 pictures against an opponent without a sunny afternoon fall. Should you look at it playing at the top, even though you could use this time to take part in seasonal activities such as apple picking and wearing vests?

Lamar Jackson goes on with this test with empty colors, and if you abandoned the victory at Baltimore over the Cincinnati Europe Sunday, it means that you missed the best highlight in the NFL season. It will not convince otherwise a man of the ripe cortlands.

The winning Ravens, 49–13. While the result was a waived conclusion because of the scope in the talent between the two teams, no one can cause Jackson that it is not foreseeable. The networks will be replacing their 47-yard terrain which will run for many years. We know this is because a monopoly at a similar play on the market for a fourth quarter electric in the last 17 years: the 46-yard overtime note by Michael Vick for Atharnta Falcons against the Vikings Minnesota in 2002 .

The tracks are not identical, although you have to snatch at times to tell them apart. Jackson and Vick both rolled after they polished, made a first-level defense violation, and then made their opponents crash each other like the Three Stooges during a tragic ice fishing trip.

So which is best?

The stakes. The winner of the game was Vick's highlight, but Jackson made only a significant third quarter leader. The Falcons victory came during Week 13 and helped them to spend their time playing, as they lose three of their other four games to complete the season 9–6–1. Baltimore, on the other hand, will not lose another game because Lamar Jackson is an invisible deterrent from pure electricity.

Advantage: Vick.

The opponents. The Miami Dolphins may have gone into the season with the aim of losing as many games as possible, but the Cincinnati Bengals are implementing this plan perfectly. They are 0–9 after the Sunday loss, and if they get the first full pick in the draft, then Jackson could run as a highlight of their seasons too.

The 2002 Vikings were not directly around the world, either, and overtime loss went to a 3-10 record. They were, however, Randy Moss, who cannot say by 2019 Europes.

Advantage: Vick.

The call. Kenny Albert is a solid advertisement, but he was restricted during Vick's crazy run. He should at least consider pushing his call through “Boom!” Or “That's hurt!” When the two Viking defenders fell into each other. At least he could make a burst sound with his mouth.

We were blessed that Kevin Harlan was in the game booth Ravens-Bengals, and the fun-to-play man was not disappointed. Less than a week after his A + radio call on a very large scrapping of the MetLife cats, Harlan brought the goods again for Jackson's run: “Look at him back and forth … OOOHH! HE A CHANGE! THERE IS MORE GIVEN IN OPERATION NOW, AND THERE IS MORE! ”

Let Kevin Harlan announce everything. Even my own death – make sure you make me revive for quite a long time so I can hear it on the playback.

Advantage: Jackson.

The movements. Vick and Jackson used a blistering speed to overcome their opponents, but only a quarter of a quarter had a move in the open field. Like someone who takes up the whole overhead distance with his peaks too big, juke Jackson was ambitious and rude.

Advantage: Jackson.

The sunglasses. I mean, see this man. It is followed by a Lombardi Trophy to rename its own name.

Advantage: Jackson.

Crush it up to a pitched slope or the way the jury gets hold of it, but Jackson is the winner here. A 47-yard peak will not be run to the top (until it meets next week against the Texans).

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