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Bollywood star Jacqueline Fernandez’s style is sure to amaze fans with her beauty and fashion sense. Let’s take a look at what the actress does to maintain youthful oily skin and hair care.

∙ Mother’s Beauty Tips

Jacqueline’s role model is also known as her mother in beauty care. When she was young, her mother told her many tricks that can be done at home to keep her face and hair beautiful. Cosmetics were used, including face masks that could be made at home. Jacqueline still follows the lesson that makeup should be simple.

Moderate makeup

Jacqueline follows a minimalist style of makeup, just like when she was younger. The actress believes that she can look her most beautiful with minimal makeup. Trying to choose products that have multiple uses. The actress says that she believes that beauty of the mind is always important no matter how much makeup is applied.

To preserve skin beauty

The main thing to pay attention to for skin care is to make sure that the makeup is completely removed before going to bed at night. This will help keep the pores of the skin free of chemicals and dirt. Sunscreen is applied every two to three hours. Drink plenty of water to keep your skin healthy. Also take care to eat only healthy food.

Moisturizer is important

He does not have excessively dry or oily skin. But depending on the changing climate, the skin may change. Then rely on moisturizers to prevent the skin from losing its natural glow. Many people do not see the use of moisturizer as much. But the actress says that the most important beauty tip she gives is to never miss the moisturizer.

Hair care

The most important thing in beauty care is the hair itself. Heat and dust are taken in large quantities during shooting. Therefore, hair products are used sparingly for the health of the hair. Most home remedies are for hair care.



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