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Jae-eun Lee “Severe depression after marriage… One day, I woke up in front of the veranda”

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Actor Lee Jae-eun confessed his tumultuous life history.

On the 27th, on the YouTube Grasshopper Entertainment channel, ‘Movie (yellow hair) Jae-eun Lee vs. Expensive exposure due to debt! Now, I want to be a mother.” A video was uploaded.

The guest of the day was Lee Jae-eun, the younger sister of the original national. Regarding the background of starting a child model first, Jae-eun Lee said, “I got into the entertainment industry at the age of 5, breaking through the 300 to 1 competition because I was photographed by chance.”

He continued, “From then on, I became the actual head of the family. It was really hard.”

Jae-eun Lee also confessed, “Actually, I don’t feel happy even now. I vaguely survived each day. I’ve been thinking, ‘I just have to live like that.’ My father was a tyrant. When he died, I didn’t even cry.”

On this day, Lee Jae-eun also said, “I did not live like a human being for 10 years after I got married.” He said, “When I got married about three or four years ago, I had a depression so bad that I almost died.” said

Jae-eun Lee, who had gone to the end, said, “When I came to my senses, I was leaning on the veranda. After going through it a few times, I was afraid of the fear that I might die.”

After that, Yeoumanshin started the on-site burst inspection. “It’s been like a cycle of life. I lived because I had to live. I was living without any goals or reference points, so it’s very sad to see who I am now. No one patted on the shoulder and recognized me. I would have just wanted to die. “I grew up not receiving the love I deserved. I’m very lonely, suffocating, and I don’t have confidence in anything. You have to have courage.”

Meanwhile, Lee Jae-eun is an actress who is well known as the ‘Original National’s Sister’ in the 90s. He divorced in 2017 after 11 years of marriage.

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