Jae-myung Lee, eldest son’s entrance exam question “I got 1st grade in all subjects, I studied really well”

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Democratic Party presidential candidate Lee Jae-myung has denied allegations of corruption in the entrance examination of his eldest son. The People’s Power raised suspicions about the candidate’s eldest son’s admission to Korea University and argued that verification was necessary.

Yesterday (27th), candidate Lee appeared on the KBS The Live talk show and mentioned the suspicion of the eldest son’s entrance exam corruption and said, “I studied really well.”

He continued, “It is said that my son was ranked 1st in all subjects. (The entrance examination) was the general admissions process, and the condition was to have 1st grade in three fields.

He added, “I feel like I’m just throwing it because the power of the people is bewildered.” He added, “I attacked with false facts without checking anything that can be found right away even if I check the admissions guide. I did.

Earlier, 67 People’s Strength lawmakers issued a statement and raised suspicions about Lee’s eldest son’s admissions process to Korea University. They said, “It is difficult for common sense to accept that (eldest son) Lee (eldest son), who is a third-year student and has no known overseas experience, entered the business administration department after passing through a fierce competition ratio of close to 50 to 1 in a special screening based on his excellent foreign language skills.” claimed.

In response, the Democratic Party countered, “The people’s power has gone wild with false facts without even verifying the facts.”

Kwon Hyuk-ki, head of the public affairs department of the Democratic Party’s election committee, said, “Lee’s eldest son entered Korea University’s economics department by chance, not by trinity. As the people’s power falsely claimed, he entered the regular general admission rather than the regular special admission.”

He explained, “The regular admission is through essay writing and student record, and you are eligible to take the test after passing the cut-offs for the CSAT.”

Regarding the allegations of the People’s Power’s allegations of entrance exams, he said, “They spread false facts similar to the contents of YouTube broadcasts without verification. It seems to be a tactic to cover up the decline in candidate Yoon Seok-yeol’s approval ratings with negatives.”

He added, “The statement released today (by the People’s Power lawmakers) is clearly false and everyone should take responsibility for it,” he added.


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