Jae-myung Lee Talent Recruitment No. 1… A 30-year-old female aerospace expert

photo = Yonhap News

On the 29th, Democratic Party presidential candidate Lee Jae-myung appointed Cho Dong-yeon (pictured), a professor at Seogyeong University, as the joint permanent election chairperson. Professor Lee, Jae-myung Lee’s ‘first recruit’, is a 39-year-old working mother from the Military Academy and is an aerospace expert. The Democratic Party is analyzed to have recruited Professor Lee to capture the votes of the 2030 generation and women.

Professor Cho, along with Song Young-gil, chairman of the Democratic Party, will serve as the co-chair of the permanent election. It is to act as a ‘two-top’ captain.

Professor Cho was born in 1982. After graduating from Buil Foreign Language High School, he received his master’s degree from Kyunghee University and Harvard University in the United States. After 17 years of service in the Zaytun Division in Iraq, the ROK-US Combined Command, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Policy Planning Office, and the Army Headquarters Policy Office, he worked as the head of the Future Defense Technology Startup Center at Seogyeong University last year. He is an expert in the aerospace and defense industry. He is the author of “Get on the Rocket of the Space Industry” and co-authored “Big Picture 2017, The Paradox of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and Isolationism”.

It is known that the Democratic Party will entrust Chairman Cho to respond to vulnerable areas such as youth, women, and security.

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