Jaejoong Kim, on the suggestion of farting, “Fans think I don’t even go to the bathroom” → Narsha “I’m not lucky” (Groom Class)

Jaejoong Kim went on a picnic with Narsha and Eunah Go.

iMBC Entertainment News Photo
iMBC Entertainment News Photo
iMBC Entertainment News Photo

On Channel A ‘Men’s Life These Days – Groom’s Class’, broadcast on June 7, Jaejoong Kim had a meeting with Narsha and Eunah Ko.

On this day, Kim Jaejoong’s friends of 19 years and 10 years, Go Eun-ah and Narsha, visited Kim Jae-joong’s mansion.

Go Eun-ah, who seemed uncomfortable with Kim Jae-joong’s attitude while serving watermelon and shaved ice, said, “Sit comfortably,” but Kim Jae-joong clarified, “I said this gesture is good on for releasing gas.” In response, Narsha suggested, “Let’s all numb out.” Kim Jaejoong was worried, “If my fans hear my fart.” In response, Narsha and Go Eun-ah exclaimed, “Do we have no fans?” and “My fans like my fans.” In response, Jaejoong Kim said, “My fans think I don’t even go to the bathroom,” and Narsha, who was watching, said, “Oh, that’s bad luck,” making everyone laugh .

Afterwards, Jaejoong Kim started grilling pork belly on a pot lid for them, and Eunah Go brought out kimchi with young radish, saengchae radish, and stir-fried anchovies, saying, “I’ve been making some side dishes .”

When Jaejoong Kim was admiring Go Eun-ah’s radish kimchi, Narsha said, “You two are getting married.” When Jaejoong Kim got sick, Eunah Go also said, “Don’t draw the line. Neither am I.” He refused. However, when Narsha once again said, “Let’s do well together,” Jaejoong Kim and Eunah Go showed off their Tiki-Taka chemistry, saying, “My Eun-ah is so pretty,” “Oppa, did you like me?” and “I loved you.”

Viewers who watched the broadcast show reactions such as “He’s a true friend”, “I secretly went to the bathroom ~~”, and “Narsha’s expression ㅋㅋ”.

Meanwhile, Channel A, a program where cast members of different ages share their thoughts and realities about marriage, airs every Wednesday at 9:10pm.

iMBC Baek Ah-young | Screen Capture Channel A

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