Jai-Phum-D Gerrard invades “Couple or Not?” opens the game to reveal the heroic deeds of the girl’s specs.

Considering that they are really strong, overtaking every curve for 3 young men, different styles, bad boy looks, the most fierce, unique, ready to crush the hearts of girls to the details. Jay-Ichanakorn rely on honors lead singer Taitosmith, Phum Rangsithananon and D Gerrard (Big-Ukrit, Willey Broad, Don Gabriel) actor from movie 4Kings has invaded to play the game to find a real lover to win the prize money Which pair? Yes, Secret Love on demand

This event, the host, Sai Saab, the mother of the program Ton Hom – Sakuntala Candle Pairot and Nui-Thanawat Prasitsomporn Must open the game to summon cool questions, great questions that many The suspects asked one by one. Until making the MC who is cool still have to be very embarrassed to say the wrong thing because they want to be the person Jai-poom-big love

Starting with D Gerrard has revealed his own specs that “I like Muay girls with charming eyes. White is cute, bright and has a clear style that is important to have a little water and be confident in yourself.” “I like women like half-breed But it’s just a personal preference. Because if we love someone, what I would use to decide if I really like him would be a matter of the heart. If they are together and are happy, various specs You don’t have to.”

But in this event, the person who got the full scene was Jai, who said that “I don’t have any specifics. No matter what it is, what it looks like, but what I pay great attention to is the attitude, attitudes and ideas. It made me think that the woman was the most beautiful and charming in herself without looking at her outer appearance.

When serious about playing games to find lovers, both Chai-Phum-Big to the point of thinking hard But will not give up, have planned meetings to win the prize money to donate Enter the camera room renovation project colon and rectum examination Chulalongkorn Hospital, Thai Red Cross Society

Prepare to come close to the screen to stare at Jai-Phum-Big’s handsome face at the same time on the show. Which pair? That’s right, Secret Love, Sunday, January 16, 2021 at 4 PM. On Channel 3HD Channel 33 and update every movement at YouTube : ZENSE Entertainment and Facebook : Couple or Not? Which pair..yes



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