Jail for 1 month, fine of 1 thousand MC KING, composer of “Macao 888” : PPTVHD36

From the case where the police have called the person who was part of the Macau 888 music video to provide information, the latest charges against the composer for persuading them to gamble, part 2, pretty girls are not guilty

After the police summoned Mr. Anuwat Khamya or Gears, a rapper commonly known as AKA (AK-A) or MC KING, who composes and sings commercials for online gambling websites Benz Damon from Sakon Nakhon province was questioned in the Investigative Division to Technology Crime (SAT)

Most recently, the police have brought charges against Mr. Anuwat for persuading them to gamble directly or indirectly, and Mr. Anuwat. so he sent the case to the Don Mueang District Court

The owner of “Macau888” is a policeman – a politician?

“Chaiwut” raises “Dew Arisara”, an example of a good citizen who dares to expose Macau 888

Most recently, the court ordered a month’s imprisonment, a fine of 1,000 baht, and a one-year suspension of imprisonment.

In Miss Thanyakarn and Miss Mira, 2 pretty girls who dance to the song without being charged Because the behavior did not fall within the scope of a crime, and it was found that he was allowed to dance only without background music So I don’t know for what purpose it was used, but both provided benefits to the employer.

and the three of them agree that The person who is employed by the name “Big” is a marketing manager for the “Macau888” website and confirms that it is not Big, Benz Damon’s brother, who is the main accused.

Regarding the search in Mr. Big, who hired the three people to make music, could not get themselves inside the house. But ready to start collecting evidence to send to the investigative department of The Royal Thai Embassy considered asking the court to continue issuing an arrest warrant and also found that the Mr. Big this is someone close to Benz Damon, who did all the marketing work.