Jailed ‘2 Senpong brothers’ after the ‘political family’ battle in the Democratic Party of Muang Khon


Supreme Court upholds two-year prison sentence, no parole Thepthai Senpong Former Nakhon Si Thammarat MP Democratic Party and Manoch Senpong Former Nakhon Si Thammarat PM, his brother, in a corruption case elected Nakhon Si Thammarat president in 2013 and disqualified him from political rights for 10 years before the two were immediately taken into custody at Nakhon Si Thammarat Central Prison.

back to the starting point “Introduction” of this case

The case that made two brothers “The Senpong family” had to face the crime of imprisonment for two years as a result of the lead controversy The way of power between political families is like Muang Khon in the Democrat Party.

Because since 2011, the Senpong family began to play a role in local politics by Chaowat Senpong Mr. Thepthai’s brother can overcome Kanop Ketchat people from “Ketchat Family” in the election field for the mayor of Nakhon Si Thammarat

overcoming Senpong family At that time, it was analyzed that because of its popularity Democratic Party In the area is very high, although Somnuk Ketchat father of CANOP will be the former mayor of Nakhon Si Thammarat for many periods, but “Thai people love Thai” Former MP candidates in 2005 made the Senpong family At that time, Mr. Thepthai in the role of a regular spokesperson Abhisit Vejjajiva actively acting Keeping political retaliation for Mr. Abhisit During the prime minister Therefore, it is a strength advantage over the opponent.

Winning that time also made Pongsin Senpong The other brother also had a taste in the local field. as a position “Deputy Mayor” too

while fighting on the other side Nakhon Si Provincial Administrative Organization election field between “Boonyakiat Family” with “Dejdecho Family” It’s going to be fierce.

until Witoon Dechdecho died of cancer causing Pichai Boonyakiat younger brother Mr. Chinnawan Boonyakiat became the prime minister of Nakhon Si Somjai Province and came to an end in 2013 when the Senepong family is expanding the power base in Nakhon Si

This made the battle between “Boonyakiat” and “Senpong” happened

even leading to a lawsuit in the supreme level The Senpong brothers were sentenced to two years in prison.

The story between these 2 families was born in 2013 after Senpong family on behalf of the group “Creative Democracy” send Manoch Senpong Another brother challenges the chairman of the PAO. with Pichai Boonyakiat

As a result, the old champion missed out. make history score but received complaints

Pichai filed a complaint with the Election Commission that Mr Manoch held a banquet to incentivize over 100 local leaders to gain votes. until the lapse of the story enters “NCPO government”

The case goes to the Supreme Court, Election Case Division, has been distributed. “red card” to Mr. Manoj in 2015 and revoke the right to vote and ordered compensation for damages in the election

Mr. Pichai did not end there. Filed to the Nakhon Si Thammarat Court for criminal offenses against Mr. Manoch and Mr. Thepthai as the second defendant.

during the litigation Chaowat brother holding chair The mayor of Nakhon Si Thammarat also met Section 44 of the Head of the NCPO. Ordered to suspend duties for a year before being reinstated in 2018 as well.

In 2019, despite the lawsuit, Mr. Thepthai still made a record of not losing the election. Became a member of the 4th term by breaking the popular trend General Prayut Chan-ocha overcome Ariyasit Srisuwan from the Pracharath Party, with nearly 5,000 votes

Being a member of the House of Representatives this time, Mr. Thepthai has a clear role as lightning rod severely criticized the government

heavy size “Inner” The Democratic Party was not satisfied.

Even after being ordered by the court to be released from the House of Representatives send the area Pongsin Senpong Continued to accept the stick, but the result came out against the hope of losing to absolute power original challenger

It is considered a battle that chooses to repair only once. Democrats can’t keep the area.

Today, my brother still can’t go upstairs. can fly a flag instead of his brother Make a big field of politics without the Senpong family

While the local field that used to be great did not appear in this family compete as well

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