Jake Saraburi hasn’t lost it yet! Thanks to Mark Williams

“Shooting Out 2023” Round 2 (the last 64 people) “Blood Battle” is a match between 2 favorite Thai players “Jack Saraburi” Dechawat Phumchaeng, the 116th snooker player in the world, meets “F Wan” Thepchaiya Un -Noo, ranked 42nd in the world

The results show that Jack Saraburi can continue to make a great cue in the “Shooting Out 2023” program by defeating “F-One” in a fun way 62-40 points, resulting in “Cheerleader Favorite” Jake Saraburi. We passed to meet “former number 1 in the world” Mark Williams, the best player in Wales in the next round

Although “Moo Paknam” Nopphon Saengkham, the 32nd hand of the Thai world, has not failed either! By beating Stephen Hallworth, an amateur from England, 65-23, “Moo Paknam” qualified for the final round to meet Dylan Emery, the 89th hand in the world from Wales.

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