Jameela Jamil Slams Kardashians from Lining Pockets with Blood of Teenage Girls

  • The Good Place Actor Jameela Jamil is taking back the Kardashians over their recent comments about meal replacement shakes in New York Times.
  • Jameela requires that blood and diarrhea teenage girls are filled with pockets Kardashians. "

    Jameela Jamil is not seeking the defensive views of the Kardashian family New York Times. The Good Place actress fired back on Twitter after asked Kris Jenner about their family taking the meal meal promotion. To say the guest: "I don't live in that negative energy space. 90% of people will be very excited about the family and the trip and who we are." Apparently, Khloé called Jameela as "a silly person," who was … the same.

    But before we get tweets with Jameela recently, background l. The actor has a long history of responding to chelebs when they submit suspicious scams about weight loss, and she recently joined Khloé, saying (in part!), "If you are too irresponsible with: a) be up to fact there is a personal trainer, nutritionist, likely cooker, and surgeon to achieve your aesthetic product, rather than this laxative product. […] then I think I must. "

    And now Jameela is calling the family again, saying they are unable to accept criticism "Basically, we want to get the money from young people, observable, or from people who are struggling with eating disorders."

    She went as far as saying that blood and diarrhea of ​​teenage girls are filled with Kardashians pockets ", dang.

    And when a trailer tried to claim it is up to the consumer to research the products endorsed by Kardashians, Jameela meets several cut off, writing "Yeah DUMB girls with eating eating teens. Be smarter. This is for girls, small girls. The patriarchal value is not only valued by women if their aesthetic meets societal standards. "

    FYI, Kris, Kim, and Khloé have not yet responded to Jameela's latest comments. But, uh, stay tuned.

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