Jamie Dimon also confirmed the same statement. “Crypto is just a chain sharing network.”

JPMorgan CEO Chas James Dimon Repeats His View on Crypto That It’s just a tool of decentralized Ponzi Schemes, Bitcoin is just a scam. And eventually it will have to close in the near future.

Jamie Dimon, the chief executive of JPMorgan Chase & Co, continued to reiterate his negative view on cryptocurrencies during a statement to the US Congress on Wednesday (September 21) in the past, he said. “I have a very negative view of digital currencies like Bitcoin, even if you call it a currency. I see these coins as no different than a decentralized chain of shares. (Decentralized Ponzi Schemes) However, the problem with stablecoins, which are assets pegged to the US dollar and other currencies, I believe can be solved. Acts and regulations if applicable as well as the appropriate regulations.” Mr Daimon told Congress.

However, if we go back to the previous one, it can be seen that Jamie Dimon’s comments remain negative on the crypto industry. which he previously referred to Bitcoin as Although he later issued an apology.

However, although Mr. Daimon has always criticized his negative views on Bitcoin. but it is clear that JPMorgan has been more open to the tripto industry recently. By gradually opening up the transaction area for digital assets. It focuses on the use of blockchain in financial services. JPMorgan was also the first Wall Street bank to launch Metaverse last month. last february

Also in October last year Mr Daimon made his comments at the International Financial Institutions Conference (IIF) where he said: “Personally, I think Bitcoin is worthless. I don’t want to be the voice of Bitcoin. And I don’t mind that I think differently from others.”

Such comments reinforce that position Mr. Daimon still has the opposite view of Bitcoin. He previously said at the “Delivering Alpha” conference hosted by CNBC: Bitcoin is a scam. not true And eventually it will have to close in the near future.

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