‘Jang Dong Yoon-Sol In Ah-Choo Young Woo’ hints at love, friendship and dreams in the 80s through the new Oasis series poster.

Another series that fans of the series should not miss. with a story about love, friendship and dreams in the 80s Oasis because it has a very skilled lead actor Jang Dong Yoon Sol In Ah a Chu Young Woo Let’s tell interesting stories and chemistry through the latest poster.

Oasis (Oasis) It is a melodrama series. Tells the story of friendship, dreams and first love of three teenagers who have to fight fiercely to protect what is most important in life. Among the many chaos that occurred in South Korea during the 1980s – 1990s

oasis actress actor 1

In this series Jang Dong Yoon take the role Edu Hug A poor young man who is not very rich. But he has a good brain. and intelligent He had a pure heart and fell in love. Oh Jung Shin at first sight, but one day his life began to upheaval. when he takes part in some unexpected events

while Sol In Ah take the role Oh Jung Shin A young woman with complete honesty and confidence. She loves justice and is ready to move forward to protect her dreams. After she moved from Seoul, she met Edu Hug a Choi Woong Road who has come to give her good friendship and bright love

and on the side Chu Young Woo take the role Choi Woong Road a friend of Edu Hug who grew up together since childhood Edu Hug always, and although he had everything But he was not able to win anyone’s heart.

oasis posteroasis poster

The poster reveals the bright side of the three close friends which also attracts attention. Because if you look at it, you will smile along with the energy of youth that is full of their precious memories. Like a winter encounter with ease. to wait for the warm spring

attendance Edu Hug a Choi Woong Road That reveals the unique charm of both of them. both shy but seem believable of ‘Edu Hug’ with a bright face even if sending a small smile on the side ‘Choi Cheolwoong’ That shows his freedom and his life full of happiness. with a face full of smiles together with the bag he slung over his shoulder not only that also reveals a most romantic atmosphere through ‘Oh Jung Shin’ and they both embraced With a bright smile and full of positive energy

But the words that appear on the poster Instead, it immediately draws attention and raises the expectations of the audience. For the story that should be watched “If I hadn’t met you in the first place Will these fates change?”

actress oasis actress 2actress oasis actress 2

The series production team Oasis He said “The series is full of wonderful bright youth moments. They met at a time of pain and shared stories of friendship, dreams and first love.” a “We hope everyone will look forward to the real chemistry of actors Jang Dong Yoon, Seol In Ah, and Chu Young Woo.”

can follow and watch the relationship that will be conveyed through this series which tells the story of love, friendship and dreams in the series Oasis Aired on March 6, 2023 at 7:50 pm (Thailand time) on the channel KBS

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Series Summary: Oasis (2023)

Jang Dong Yoon – Sol In Ah – Chu Young Woo confirmed as the lead in ‘Oasis’, preparing to tell the story of love, dreams and friendship of teenagers from the 80s-90s.

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