Jang Gyeong-tae’s office ‘Using local people instead of sending… ‘Find out the situation at the time of filming’

“What I want to know about the situation at the time of filming rather than ‘children’… Mentions such as ‘relief goods’ seem to have been added during the speech process”

Jang Gyeong-tae, member of the supreme council of the Democratic Party, and Mrs. Kim Kun-hee. random news

Regarding the comments made by Democratic Party lawmaker Jang Gyeong-tae (supreme member) to the effect that he sent a person to Cambodia to cover up the suspicion of ‘photographs using lights’, the lawmaker’s office said, “It is not is sent, but is investigated through a person who has been there.” he explained.

On the 26th, an official from Congressman Jang Gyeong-tae’s office said, “Representative Chang’s comments were not about ‘sending a person’, but ‘there was a person who was there at the time, so it confirms the content through that person’.”

In order to deal with the validity of the allegations, Representative Chang did not ‘deliberately send a person’, but corrected his comments that he was finding information through a person who had already been ‘on the spot’.

Before that, Representative Jang appeared on SBS radio’s ‘Kim Tae-hyun’s Political Show’ the day before and said, “One person went to Cambodia as we usually do now. I also looked at the living environment of the children.. .” saying that they were looking for where the children in the pictures live in Cambodia.

Regarding this, an official from Congressman Jang Gyeong-tae’s office said, “It is a person who has already been in the local area, but it seems that Congressman Jang asked (a person who was there) to confirm ‘these details in the local area’.”

She added, “I know he’s confirming the things he’s curious about on the spot.”

An official from the parliamentary office also stressed, “I want to hear an explanation of the situation at the time of filming rather than the child,” regarding Congressman Jang’s comments, “I asked for information from the embassy because I wanted to know where he was the child is alive.”

The official said, “What we want to know is not about the children, but did (Mrs Kim Kun-hee) use lights when she went to shoot, how was the filming team (composed), how much of people went and how many cameras were there, how many lights were used,” he said. “It is an explanation of the background of the photo shoot, such as how it was planned (shooting).

Regarding Rep.’s comments. Chang, “I will find out where the child (Kim Gun-hee) lives and send relief supplies,” he said, “The reason I want to know the address is that I have to find out where the child is live to check the situation of the day.” “Therefore,” said an official in the parliament office, “even though we talked about it, it appears that some additional content such as reprimands have been added.”

In addition, it was emphasized that the purpose of sharing information and communication between Representative Jang and ‘people who have been to the local area’ is to respond to the President’s office’s accusation against Representative Jang for spreading false information.

An official from the parliamentary office said repeatedly, “Since the president’s office has filed a complaint, we have to respond to it. We are investigating the exact evidence and circumstances to recognize it.”

Regarding the time and the reason for the ‘person who has been to the local area’ to go to Cambodia, “it is difficult to reveal because of the personal characteristics of the person” said the House of Representatives.

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