‘Jang Jun-ha’s son’ Jang Ho-kwon in the new Liberation Chairman Kim Won-woong stepped down

Ho-Kwon Jang, the new president who was elected as the 21st president of liberation. yunhap news

Jang Ho-kwon, 73, the son of independence activist Jang Jun-ha, was elected as the new president of the Liberation Party on the 31st. It has been more than three months since former chairman Kim Won-woong stepped down on charges of embezzlement.

As a result of the by-election held on that day, the Liberation Society announced that former branch manager Jang was elected as the 21st president. Chairman Jang received 23 out of 54 votes in the first ballot, and a majority of 29 votes in the second runoff.

Chairman Jang said, “I will achieve the normalization and advancement of the operation of the Liberation Party during my term of office.”

Chairman Jang said that he would thoroughly investigate allegations of embezzlement of former Chairman Kim, along with △ great consolidation of members, △ improving member welfare, and △ enhancing the status of the Liberation Party. Chairman Jang will lead the liberation party until May next year, the remaining term of former Chairman Kim.

Chairman Jang, the eldest son of Professor Jang Jun-ha, served as an advisory member of the Southeast Asian Council of the Advisory Board for Democracy, Peace and Unification, chairman of the Hope Citizens Solidarity, and vice president of the Korean American Association in Singapore.

In the by-election that day, in addition to Chairman Jang, four descendants of independence fighters were running for office, including former Secretary General of the Liberation Association Cha Chang-gyu, Delegate Kim Jin of the Liberation Association, and former Vice Chairman of the Liberation Association Nam Man-woo.

Seung-Im Jeong reporter

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