Jang Kyung-tae in the accusation in the presidential office “Is it a crime of insult… the first opposition member to be accused in constitutional history”

First Lady Kim Gun-hee and Democratic Party supreme council member Jang Gyeong-tae. Courtesy of the Office of the President, Reporter Yoon Chang-won
On the 22nd, Jang Gyeong-tae, a member of the supreme council of the Democratic Party, said, “I have never spread false information. It could be a crime of insult or bad mood.”

Meeting with reporters immediately after the general assembly, Jang said, “It is true that Mrs. Kim Kun-hee took poverty pornography that used the poverty and pain of children as a means of publicity.”

High Commissioner Jang previously criticized the photos taken by Mrs Kim visiting the home of a child suffering from congenital heart disease in Phnom Penh, Cambodia during her trip to South East Asia, saying , “Ms Kim’s poverty pornographic photo shoot is controversial.” Then, citing an article on an American community site, suspicions were raised that Mrs Kim had taken the photo using lights.

The presidential office then filed a complaint with the police, alleging that Supreme Council Member Jang had spread false information and damaged Mrs Kim’s honor.

Regarding this, Jang said, “Defamation is a reluctant and unpunishable crime. I think it would be better to ask Mrs. Kim’s opinion first.”

“It is a typical Cambodian house for the common people, but the incandescent lights are not turned on, and even in our parliamentary office, if you take a picture with a camera without lights, the video does not come out then,” Whether he did that or turned off the lights and robbed him, he reaffirmed his previous position, saying, “I took porn of poverty.”

He responded by saying, “The presidential office has taken a charge against an opposition lawmaker for the first time in constitutional history.”

In addition, the Democratic Party also raised its voice of criticism in a commentary, saying, “Is the president from the general prosecutor trying to solve everything with accusations and investigations?”

Ahn Ho-young, the Democratic Party’s chief spokesman, pointed out in a written briefing, “The president’s office says they will file criminal charges against Party lawmaker Uri Jang for spreading false information.”

The main spokesman criticized Ahn, “It is shameless to deny their wrongdoing until the end, but they often turn arrows at the media and the opposition parties.”

“The correct attitude of the President’s office is to answer the doubts sincerely,” he said. They also urged immediate withdrawal of the charge and clarification of the related doubts.

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