Jang Na-ra and Joo Ho-seong “The play ‘Cheon Kyung-ja Cheon-gyeong-ja’ was canceled due to opposition from the bereaved family”

[이데일리 장병호 기자] Actor and director Joo Ho-seong, the father of actor Jang Nara, apologized for the cancellation of the performance of the play ‘Cheonggyeongjacheongyeongja’.

Announcement of cancellation of play ‘Cheon Kyung Ja Cheon Kyung Ja’

On the 24th of last month, Joo Ho-sung posted on his Facebook, “I’m sorry. I was unable to perform the performance of the play ‘Cheonggyeongjacheongyeongja’, which I’ve been working hard to adapt and prepare for myself.”

Joo Ho-seong has been preparing for the play ‘Cheon Kyung-ja Cheon-gyeong-ja’ based on the book ‘Cheon Kyung-ja, the author of Jeong and Han’ written by journalist Jung Joong-heon. It is a work about the story of the painter Cheon Kyung-ja, who passed away in 2015, and was scheduled to open on the 24th at Daehak-ro Egg and Hack Theater in Jongno-gu, Seoul.

He said, “I got permission from the original author Jung Joong-heon, and I got permission to use the painting from the Seoul Metropolitan Government, and I also bought the interview video of Cheon Kyung-ja stored by MBC and prepared for the performance. The effort has been in vain,” he said.

He continued, “It was not that he was unaware of the unusual management of the artist’s family, but due to the fierce opposition that did not explain the reason, I came to the conclusion that now is probably not the time.”

Joo Ho-seong said, “My respected artist, Cheon Kyung-ja, is close to my theater teacher, Won-kyung Lee, and has a lot of interest in theater, so I even more wanted to make his life’s agony and artistic soul into a play.” I will get down on my knees and apologize.”



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