Jang Seung-jo and Lin-ah married couple today (31st)… “Both mother and baby are healthy”

Jang Seung-jo (left) and Lin-ah (right) became parents of two children. Provided by Jang Seung-jo and Lina SNS

Actor Jang Seung-jo and musical actor Lina have a daughter.

On the 31st, an official from the agency Ace Factory said, “Jang Seung-jo and Lin-ah couple gave birth this morning. Both mother and baby are healthy.”

In September, on her personal SNS, Lina announced the news of her pregnancy by posting, “It’s been a while. informed and garnered attention.

Jang Seung-jo and Lina met through the musical ‘Temptation of Wolves’ and got married in November 2014. In September 2018, they had their first son.

Meanwhile, Jang Seung-jo performed in dramas ‘Liar Game’, ‘Scholar Who Walks the Night’, ‘My Son-in-law’s Woman’, ‘Money Flower’, ‘Knowing Wife’, ‘Boyfriend’, ‘Exemplary Detective’, and the movie ‘Don’t harm me’. Currently, he is appearing as Lee Kang-mu in ‘Snowdrop: Snowdrop’.

Lina debuted as a member of Cheon Sang Ji Hee in 2005 and made her name known. He was well-received as a musical actor by performing in various works such as ‘Notre Dame de Paris’, ‘Monte Cristo’ and ‘Sweeney Todd’.

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