Jang Yoon-joo, super-jeolsik diet dieter revealed … “Only white porridge today”

picture explanationJang Yoon-joo. picture| SNS Yunju Jang

Model and actress Jang Yoon-joo revealed her diet plan.

On the 7th, Jang Yoon-ju posted a photo on Instagram along with a short message saying, “Only white porridge today.” In the picture, white porridge without any seasoning is served in a bowl.

Netizens who saw this responded with surprise, such as “Do you eat only that all day?”, “Wow, Jang Yoon-joo eats like that too… I’ll have to skip lunch”, ” I probably shouldn’t eat it either.”

As usual, Jang Yoon-joo has revealed her diet diet with carbohydrates, protein, and fat equally through Instagram, and has shown that she manages it thoroughly like a top model.

After debuting in the ‘SFAA Collection’ fashion show in 1997, Jang Yoon-joo worked as a top model, taking to the stage in Korea as well as abroad. Since then, he has appeared in a number of entertainment programs and shown his talent, and is also constantly active as an actor.

Jang Yoon-ju appeared in parts 1 and 2 of the Netflix series ‘Paper House: Common Economic Zone’ released last year.

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