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Jang Yoon-jung “After Do Gyeong-wan declared free… If it was hard, a couple would fight” (`Mysterious Record Shop`)

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In’Mysterious Record Shop’, singer Jang Yoon-jung talks about her husband Do Kyung-wan’s free declaration.

Mental health medicine specialists Jaejin Yang, Jaewoong Yang, and Hyungseok Song appeared in JTBC’s’Bedal Gayo-Mysterious Record Shop’ (directed by Ji-seon Kim, hereinafter referred to as Mysterious Record Shop) aired on the 26th. In addition, it tells a number of interesting stories about mental health. In addition, it introduces life songs to each other, giving viewers a fun and beneficial time.

Three Avengers of Mental Health appeared in’Mysterious Record Shop’.

The first domestic psychiatrist brothers, Yang Jae-jin and Yang Jae-woong, and Song Hyeong-seok, a so-called “town psychiatrist,” who made their faces known in various entertainments, including “Infinite Challenge,” were invited as guests.

Regarding’Corona Blue’, which means depression caused by corona, Dr. Jae-woong Yang said, “The situation is rapidly increasing as the economic and social activities are decreasing.”

Then Jang Yoon-jeong confessed to himself as “Jip-soon” and said, “After the husband (Do Gyeong-wan) declared free, it was frustrating to see that he was in the house free (?). The tone has also changed. I felt like I would have a couple quarrel if it was hard,” he sympathized with the situation.

Subsequently, the results of the personality test of 4MC, which were analyzed by three mental health medical specialists, were released. Specialist Yang Jae-jin evaluated Jang Yoon-jung as “pursuing perfectionism and being very knowledgeable,” and Jang Yoon-jeong sympathized with the storm and confided that “when I talk with my husband, I often say,’I think this is the right thing to do’.” At the same time, my husband always asked, “Why are you saying that you are all right?”

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Next, the results of the personality test of Yoon Jong-shin and Wendy were revealed. Yang Jae-woong said, “I was surprised that the two were so different,” and compared the two as “the eldest daughter alone under the immature wanderer father. He said to Wendy, “The consideration and empathy are excellent. I value community and have strong patience.”

Regarding Jongshin Yoon, he began to say that he is “a person who is more self-centered than a family person.” As the analysis continued, Jongshin Yoon intervened, saying, “I just said that, I…” and continued to argue at the words of specialist Yang Jae-woong. Then Kyu-hyun and Jang Yoon-jeong raised their voices to laugh, saying, “Let’s listen to the explanation!” and “It’s time to listen”.

Yoon Jong-shin did not give in to this and said, “I used to be an altruistic person like Wendy in the past, but as I got older, I thought it was useless.

If I do well, it will help the community more,” he expressed his thoughts to the end. In response, Jang Yoon-jung responded, “That’s your thoughts,” and made the site a sea of ​​laughter.

In addition to this, interesting stories such as the secret story of the birth of Jang Yoon-jung’s hit song’Mystery’ can be found at’Mysterious Record Shop’ on the 26th.

On the other hand,’Mysterious Record Shop’ is a music entertainment that completes the playlist by introducing’Life Story’ and’Life Song’ with guests who are tied to a common profession along with Yoon Jong-shin, Jang Yoon-jung, Kyu-hyun, and Wendy 4MC. It is broadcast at 9 o’clock.

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