Jang Yoon-jung becomes the landlord of a penthouse won 5.3 billion… taller than the 63 Building

Singer Jang Yoon-jung. / Photo = Provided by IOK Company

Singer Jang Yoon-jung is known to have bought a penthouse in a 57th floor residence in Yeouido with a selling price of over 5 billion won.

According to Money Today on the 22nd, Jang Yoon-jung recently bought the penthouse of ‘Angsana Residence Yeouido Seoul’, which is located in the former office building of NH Securities in Yeouido, for 5.3 billion won. The contract was made through the associated corporation. The down payment of 530 million won is said to have been paid.

A person in charge of sales said, “Even in Yeouido, there is an advantage that you can permanently see the Han River from the 57th floor, and the quality of ancillary facilities such as a rooftop swimming pool is higher than r 63 Construction is excellent.” It seems,” he said.

The exclusive area of ​​the penthouse is 103.71㎡, and the selling price reaches 168.64 million won per 3.3㎡. Angsana Residence Yeouido Seoul is not a residential facility, but a lifestyle accommodation facility. It is fourth in the world after Phuket in Thailand, Penang in Malaysia, and Lang Co in Vietnam.

Mastern Asset Management (Mastern No. 51 Yeouido PFV) was implemented and Hyundai Engineering was responsible for the construction work. Residential and business facilities, neighborhood living facilities, sports facilities, etc. will be prepared on a scale from 6 floors underground to 57 floors above ground. The residence comprises 348 private rooms ranging from 40 to 103 square metres.

It is designed as the 6th tallest building in Seoul with a height of 249.9m, and is expected to form the Yeouido skyline together with nearby Park One (317m, 69th floor) and IFC (284m, 56th floor). On the roof of the skyscraper, a sky infinity pool with a length of about 22m will be created, offering a panoramic view of Yeouido Park to the Han River.

Reporter Hong Min-seong, Hankyung.com [email protected]

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