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Janice Adetokumbo, who is close to winning the NBA but is calm and calm, “I have to take the right steps” –Basketball Count |

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Thank you for the holiday that assisted the final Alley-oop “Trusted me”

Bucks’ Janice Adetokumbo didn’t stand out after winning the NBA Finals Round 5 against Sands on the 17th, 123-119.

Bucks, who made the fifth round, won the championship since 1971 with 3 wins and 2 losses. The next round 6 will be held in Milwaukee at home, so you can fight in a favorable environment for Bucks. However, Adetokumbo said at a post-match press conference, “We have to take the right steps.”

“I have to accept the status quo and I can’t even think about the outcome of the next match. I’m sure I’ve got one more win for the NBA champion. I’ll have one more win until I make a name for myself in history. I think it would be really great if I could win in front of the fans. “

“But that’s the story ahead, we have to play well first. We need to go home and recover. I’m hungry now, so I’m going to eat a burger. And We’ll review today’s match footage and analyze what’s good and what’s not. There are steps you have to take before the match. “

“If you take those steps in the right way, take control of yourself, play well, and get the support of all your Home fans, you might be the NBA champion. It would be great if I could win, but there are still steps I have to take to get there. “

Following the “historical block shot” that sought to win in Round 4, Adetokumbo struck the final Alley-oop in Round 5 as well. He said he was “thankful for his trust” about Jrue Holiday, who assisted Alley-oop.

“I checked the position of him and Chris Paul and ran. There was no one around me. At first, Drew didn’t want to put out the ball, but I asked,’Leave it!’ He trusted me. After the match, I told him, “Thank you for trusting me.” If his pass was bad and he couldn’t decide to play. It’s his responsibility as a point guard. The coach would say he should have kept the ball, but he believed in me and thought I could finish it. I’m really grateful. I told him that too. “


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