Janie Mouth’s daughter, Nong Nola, comes late, laughs, loses hope for the second child.

Janie Mouth’s daughter, Nong Nola, comes late, laughs, loses hope for the second child.

The more you grow up, the cuter it is for Nong Nola, a beautiful girl Janie Alphat and Pomphet Recently met a young actress at the launch of the drama Binding the heart of the superstar in Siam Paragon, may the child be so cute, would you like to have another heir?

Seen a girl’s birthday party recently? “Yes, I organized a birthday party for my child. mother is very tired Because we have to do everything for our children and other children. You like Elsa, so it’s Elsa themed.”

Are you happy that your child welcomes many guests? “Very impressed and everyone was very surprised. Why does Nola receive guests? Mum was still surprised because it was the first time he had met so many people. It is very cute to stand in the back. He can stand back drop for a long time And he walks well too. Talk to other people, will they get bored or not?”

“He walks in a model and has a flick of his hair. Said my mother never had such a thing. Where did you get it? Maybe it’s because Jane likes to record videos of him and play fast music. it must be seen as very funny We don’t dare to share, afraid that people will get bored.

We don’t often take our children out of the house, but why are you so good at hosting guests? “Maybe it’s because Jane is funny around her kids. Jane plays comedy all the time with her children. Because we want our children to be bright and be themselves.”

Has he told you that your mother? Do you want to play a play? “I just want to dance, I want to be a singer. want to be a comedian my mother supports because my mother likes Now I really like the song Caffeine, if I turn this song on, it will dance very well. I would tell you that you are on the right track and that your mother likes it.”

Have you ever asked your child if you want to be a hero like your mother? “No need. It’s funny baby It’s colorful.”

Like this, will the second child come? “Take a break and ask what you’re worried about. I have to say It’s not easy to come back. Now that Jane is 41, how does she get back in shape? Then we have to raise our own children. Not having a nanny, it’s very difficult. The process of having a child until they reach the age of 3-4 is very tiring.

So there is only one person? “Alone alone Clearly a determined person (Is he complaining about wanting a younger brother?) Talk all the time. I would say this is what it is. Going to school, there are many friends, that is, we have to keep up with our children. Whoever begs, does not want. Jane is the one who says no, it’s not her.”

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