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Janssen vaccine provided by the U.S., inoculated to reserve forces that are not active duty… Why?

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The new coronavirus infection (Corona 19) vaccine, which the U.S. government decided to provide to Korea as a follow-up to the ROK-US summit, was decided at 101,2800 doses of Janssen. Janssen, unlike other vaccines, is given only once. Taking this into account, it is about twice as much as the US originally promised (for 550,000 people). This is the first time that Janssen’s vaccine has entered Korea. Prime Minister Kim Bu-gyeom held a meeting of the Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasure Headquarters on the 30th and said, “About 1 million Janssen vaccines provided by the United States will arrive in Korea this week. Quantity”.

● Advance reservation from the 1st, vaccination is on a first-come, first-served basis

Janssen, which the United States sends to Korea this time, is a Corona 19 vaccine that has never entered Korea. There are 6 million batches individually contracted by the Korean government, but they have not yet been brought in. The effect of preventing Corona 19 is at the level of 66%. Although the Korean government has already approved its use, the vaccine was restricted under the age of 30 due to controversy over the occurrence of blood clots, like the AstraZeneca vaccine.

The US decided to provide vaccine support to the Korean military. For this reason, 1,100,000 Janssen vaccines are also vaccinated against military personnel. 3715,000 people, including 508,000 reserve troops, 3,400,000 civil defense personnel, and 137,000 people related to defense and diplomacy, were targeted. All are over 30 years old. They need to make an appointment in advance on the 1st to 11th of the following month and get the vaccine on the 10th to 20th. The government plans to perform vaccinations according to the order of appointment as the number of vaccination targets is more than three times the amount of the vaccination introduced. This is a first-come, first-served basis. The remaining 2715,000 people who could not be vaccinated this time will be vaccinated at the time of general adult vaccination in the third quarter (July-September).

● Janssen’s’Vaccination Incentive’ for One Hit

Most of the reserve and civil defense personnel classified as Janssen vaccination targets are adults in their 30s and 40s. It is far from the previous 2nd quarter (April to June) priority vaccination targets. The U.S. added Janssen, who raised concerns about rare thrombosis, as a candidate for vaccination.

Initially, the government expected Pfizer, modders, and vaccines to be available for military personnel under the age of 30. It was also reviewed how to inoculate the Pfizer vaccine, which was assigned for military service, to courier drivers and environmental sanitation workers first. However, as Janssen’s vaccine, which can only be hit by the age of 30 or older, has come in, breaking expectations, it has launched a reserve vaccination in order to make use of the purpose of donating the’vaccination for the Korean military’. Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC) Commissioner Jeong Eun-kyung explained, “We decided on the targets for vaccination in consideration of the reasons for the donation of the US (Korean military support, etc.).” Above all, Janssen is a vaccine that only needs to be given once, so after two weeks of vaccination, you can enjoy various benefits from the government, such as easing restrictions on family gatherings.

The government has announced that military personnel under the age of 30 will receive the Pfizer vaccine starting next month. Currently, only 414,000 soldiers under the age of 30 have not received the Corona 19 vaccine. 117,000 soldiers over the age of 30 have been vaccinated against AstraZeneca since April. Like Janssen, 55,000 doses of modder or vaccine, which are expected to be introduced for the first time in Korea soon, will also be used to fill the vaccination gap. The government has announced that it will vaccinate modderna vaccines to workers under the age of 30 hospital-level or higher medical institutions who have not been given the AstraZeneca vaccine.

● Corona 19 vaccine secured for 100 million people

The number of COVID-19 vaccines secured by Korea has increased to about 100 million people. The type of vaccines introduced also increased from two AstraZeneca and Pfizer to four, Janssen and Modena. The number of people who completed the first dose of the Corona 19 vaccine by 0 o’clock on the 30th was counted as 5.39 million. The inoculation rate relative to the population is 10.5%. President Moon Jae-in told Facebook on the 29th, “If the people actively participate in reservations and vaccinations according to the government plan, we will be able to achieve group immunity early.” As long as it appeared, it is not allowed to remain vigilant.”

Reporter Kim So-min [email protected]

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