January 2022 PS Plus member games include “Persona 5: Phantom Attacker” and “DIRT 5” and other games

Sony will give away games to users who have purchased PlayStation PLUS members every month. In January 2022, Taiwan will keep up with European and American countries, with “Persona 5: Phantom Attacker” (PS4) as the head, “Deep Rock Galactic” (PS4/PS5) and “DIRT 5” (PS4/PS5). game.

This time I gave 2 PS5 games very special. In the past, 2 PS4 games were paired with 1 PS5 game. This time the extra game can be said to be the heart of Buddha. In addition, “Persona 5: Phantom Attacker” is referred to as P5S, but I hope that he will give it a PS5.

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