Japan Begins Development of Unmanned Aerial Missiles… Deploy in 2029

As the importance of using drone strikes has been emphasized since the war between Russia and Ukraine, the Japanese government has embarked on a ground-to-air development to deal with drone attacks.

According to Japan’s TBS Broadcasting, Japan’s Ministry of Defense has begun developing a new surface-to-air missile to deal with drone attacks with its own technology, and plans to use it in sub-units by 2029. TBS said, ” Russia has been criticized for using drones from Iran against Ukraine.”

Japanese authorities are said to be developing short-range surface-to-air guided missiles to intercept unmanned aerial vehicles. The concept is to improve missiles that respond to aircraft such as fighter jets and helicopters. The Ministry of Defense plans to complete development by 2026 and use it in front-line units in 2029.

Reporter Jeong Chul- soon

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